Airdate: Top Gear Australia

SBS has announced Top Gear Australia will debut on Monday 29 September at 7:30pm. There is such anticipation for this show, that it is likely to give the commercial networks a bit of a headache. The UK series is already the network’s biggest brand, recently passing 1m viewers a night.

The 8-episode series hosted by Charlie Cox, Warren Brown and Steve Pizzati is the first local version of the series licensed anywhere in the world. The US is also producing a version.

SBS is also teasing us with an appearance by “The Stig” -no word if the anonymous, helmeted driver is a local or the original, or indeed, if we will ever find out.

Calling themselves “the ugliest men on television” the Aussie hosts are said to have ‘tested a diverse range of cars, talked, joked and sung their way through countless hours behind the wheel, have donned wool vests, top hats and goggles for stories.’

As with the UK original they have also competed against each other in an array of challenges.

SBS is also calling for audience members for its studio component.

Source: SBS

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  1. I’m disappointed to see that none of the original UK hosts are in the show, it is primarily their chemistry and disrespectful style that makes TopGear what it is – I hope it is a success but sadly suspect it will come a very poor second to the original, becoming just another V8 Ford/Holden type motor show.

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