Auditions: 10 Years Younger in 10 Days

If you’re a couple, live in Rockhampton and you’re aged 35 to 55, Seven’s new makeover show 10 Years Younger in 10 Days is casting tomorrow.

Couples who think they should be part of the Sonia Kruger reality show are invited to the casting session opposite Customs House on Quay Street for two hours from 10.30am Wednesday.

Selected couples will get the “celebrity treatment” including make up, hair, fashion and fitness consultancy.

Applicants don’t have to be married but they do need to be in a long-term, meaningful relationship.

“It’s important to note this show is not about humiliation,” said producer Monique Spanbrook. “It’s about taking two people who devote their lives to each other and giving them 10 days to devote totally to themselves.”

The prize package was worth more than $20,000 for each couple, and could be much more if the experts thought it was appropriate to carry out mild surgical procedures including Botox injections.

Producers have picked Rockhampton because people in country areas “don’t always have access to facilities to keep themselves looking their best”. 30 couples turned up for casting sessions in Dubbo.

Source: Morning Bulletin

PLEASE NOTE: Casting for the first series has closed. I will publish a new story if second season announces new auditions.


  1. As casting has closed (and as people don’t appear to read previous advice on this point), comments for this post have now closed.


  2. i live in queensland, i have lived here my whole life i have 2 children a hubby and a busy life. i have had 3 operations on my breast i have bad teeth had 2 c-sections . had a weight problem after i had both of my children and im only 28 i need help hubby has let him self go aswell so i guess we both need help please help us we sooooooooo need it,ill do anything 2 get my old body back please…….Please help me.
    stacey from queensland

  3. can you please let us knwo when you or if you are going to the Toowoomba area.
    Because this area is classed as close to Brisbane we tend to miss out on a lot of things. There are a lot of hard working people in this area and teh area has been having a fairly hard time of it with the drought etc. This area is really a blend of semi-city people and country people. which is probably one of the reasons we have so many traffic issues here. City slickers and country folk tend not to blend together the best all the time. I think you will find a large diversity of people in the area to keep things interesting for you. Also this area has a large precentage of new Australians. I would personally love to have the opportunity to go on your show. I have spent so much time working etc to do as much as possible to give my boy yhe best opportunities I could and now that he is a teenager I have finally realised that I haven’t spent that much time with him growing up as I was to busy working to try and supposedly give him more opportunities now I am regreting this as I have realised he has grown up and I haven;t been there as much as I had always intended to be and I feel because of this that I expect or push him so much probably to much as I want him to do what he wants not get caught like I have an do for other people and forget what I wanted for myself on the way. I have so many regrets and now as I look at myself in the mirror that is all I see regrets and mistakes. I would love to have a chance to become self confindent again and refind myself in time so that my son can get to see me for who I actually am not who I have become. And in turn I hope this will help him see how important it is not to lose sight of what you want for yourself.

  4. a have a very dear friend and her husband who could really do with a makeover as they look older than they are please help them…… they live in young and an audition near here would be great

  5. i think this is a great idea. if there was to be a second season i hink my mum would be a great partisipant. she is 40 and looks sooo much older. she has no fashion sence, no job n no self esteam. and suffers from depression. she has the potential to look beautiful if some one could show her how and show her that looking good is not that difficult.
    from adelaide

  6. Heather Beach

    Hi there. I’m 45 in May this year, and since I was 8 or 9, my teeth have grown badly out of shape. As a youngster, I was called drack (Dracular), and have been very self concious of my smile. I don’t smile very much at all, and when I do, it’s behind my hand. I had moulds of my teeth taken at a dentist a few years ago because I wanted to do something about it, but the cost was too much. I was a single mum at the time, and it just wasn’t possible. I recently married the “Love of my life”. I couldn’t even smile at our wedding. I used to be asked by my family to “smile, show us your teeth” when it came time for family photo’s.

    My new husband had given me so much to smile about, and I still hide behind my hand, or supress my happiness so that I don’t have to show my horrible smile. I used to watch those makeover shows in the USA, and see the difference that the changes made to those lovely everyday people that had issues with their looks. I had to stop watching those programs because all I wanted was for something like that show to be here in Australia.

    Anyway. Congratulations to all the people that make it to the show. It’s on here for the first time at 9.30 tonight. I like to see good things happen to people. It’s so great that you are there to make such a big difference in their lives. Well done.

  7. Please note casting for the first season began last August and is now completed.

    If there are new auditions for a second season I will post as a separate story.

  8. When are you coming to perth i would love the opportunity to audition in how to look 10 years younger in 10 days … since moving to a farm life , wearing flanno shirts and jeans everyday just has no sex appeal i want to feel sexy once again, i have a gorgeous partner and he loves me for me, but inside i dont feel sexy anymore and i have been waiting 6 years for a proposal from him, make me look and feel good inside …. please give me this chance

  9. Mery Orellana

    Now that the show started it is the first time I heard of it, would love to know where is the next audition and when, I am a 52 yrs old, Care for my mother since my father past away in 93 and look very tire, have a partner of 34yrs who loves me to death, but I wish I could be pampered and freshen my look so that age will not be so noticibly, we have been together for 10 yrs. ( always watch the UK show Ten Years younger and Dr. 90210)

  10. This is excellent. Can’t wait for this show to start. It will be great to get tips from the experts. I am 34 years old and my husband is 38 and between the two of us we don’t have much style. I dream of someone coming along and leading me in the right direction but never seems to happen. Can you please advise whether or not this production will be taking applicants from Country NSW. We would be extremely keen to participate.

  11. I am 34 years old and single. I need more than a makeover, I need a panel beater, as I look alot older than I am and have no idea about hair, makeup etc. Will you be holding auditions for singles in Sydney at any stage?

  12. Hi There,
    I remember seeing the advertising for the “10 Years Younger in 10 Days” show but unfortunately did not see any advertising for auditions. I am from the Gold Coast and although we have everything available to us, ( Plasic surgeons, Esteem clinics etc) some people cannot afford to pay for these luxuries.

    I have two young children and have never had a facial or a massage for that matter and my husband works in the building industry (in the harsh sun) everyday. I am 33 years old and my husband is about to turn 37. I see that the age bracket for the show is 35 – 55 but please consider us. We are in desperate need for some time out to be pampered. Something we have both never experienced. It would be nice to look my youthful self again.

    I hope that this show will consider a second series and hopefully we will have the opportunity to go for the auditions.

  13. Great, another makeover show that only takes mainlanders. What about Tasmania, you can’t get much more rurual and cut off from the rest of the country than us. If season 1 has now finished auditions what about considering the next round in Tasmania. It would make a nice change from the mainlanders always getting everything!!!!!

  14. It would be good if single parents could be part of this rather than married couples. This would really give us all a boost in confidence. Pity we are discriminated against (so to speak)

  15. I have read and agree with many of the comments in regard to placement within Australia and accessibility to programs such as ’10 Years Younger in 10 Days’. I initially became aware of the prospect of this program whilst watch television and a very quick advertisement appeared for applicants. My husband and myself subsequently applied as advised, however, we were not informed and later found that auditions were advertised and held in Rockhampton. Needless to say we were very disappointed!

    I really do not know a solution that will suit everyone, however, it would be great to have a format whereby prospective applicants perhaps could audition at their local television station or set guidelines for people to make up an audition tape and have the audition tapes supplied to the directors of the program. This would at least ensure that this selection process is a little more fair and equitable. Rather than have a select few from select areas!!!

    It would be great to be allowed the opportunity to at least be considered – no matter where you live! The problem is that there are so many deserving people out there that really need some assistance and a much needed TLC. I wish everyone involved with the show a great deal of success!

    Townsville, Queensland

    • Casting in entertainment (be it major television, film or commercial music theatre) is frequently centered in Sydney and Melbourne. In recent years Idol, Loser and similar modelling reality shows have stretched into capital cities and sometimes rural areas to varying degrees. 10YY also went to regionals, and the first episode features a couple from an ‘isolated’ rural town. So I think it should be applauded for that. I also posted some info on a regional audition here last year (if I get em I post em!). As is frequently the way on television people see the show on air and then flood in asking about auditions, failing to realise the show is in the can.

  16. Glad to see that Rocky got auditions but i come from Townsville and we dont get a chance all the way up here to try for shows either whether it be one like this show or doing up our backyard! Lets hope this is a start for the TV exects to realise that us from central QLD up to Nth QLD also watch their shows etc and would love to be included ! Also i would love to know where when and how these shows advertise as i have never seen or heard of any of them until they are “Coming Soon” on our local station.
    My daughter has tried several times to enter the well known shows like Backyard Blitz and Renovation Rescue etc and her entry would not even be excepted so to me looks as though if you live a good way from where the shows are made they dont want to know about you and your story. It makes us feel as though we are not as good or important as our City cousins!
    Beautiful one Day Perfect the Next

  17. hi just wondering when if you will be doing a second series im parents are from the central coast gosford ,love to know so i can send them to the auditions thanks

    • If Seven advise of any more auditions I will post it as a story, but otherwise I think we can hold off asking about any more? Seems pointless me saying the same thing.

  18. hi i want to get my parents on the 10 years yournger in 10 days show, because they are both hard working laborours, and they look realy tired and worn out, i just want to give them an opportunity to feel good about them selves again. i missed the rockhampton one because i live 5 hours away from there … could you please tell me where they are going next to find people for the show.?


  19. Will you be doing auditions in Melbourne? My partner and I are 47 and 51 and we have six children between us, 2 that are 8 and 10 we would love to be pampered (of course we deserve it) we are both looking very tired.

    • I ran an audition notice here last year. You could try Seven, but I’d say series one is complete. They also need to be couples. Good luck.

  20. I live two hours out of sydney, and the sydney reality shows dont come this far either example renovation rescue etc although i hope this TV show runs for a long while and gets really good ratings, hopefuly then it might get around Aust, unfortunately i need more than a make over, i need plastic surgery after 4 c- sections lol Tracy from Newcastle lake macqurie.

  21. Why is it that country Victoria always misses out on shows like this….i was watching tv tonight and didnt hear a thing about rockhampton when the ad came on…….thought i would go looking for the site (even that was bloody quick that i missed it)…geee what do you have to do to get some embalming done!!!!!
    By the way Im in Warrnambool vic…….out in the country!!!