Auditions: Here come the Newlyweds

Where did you get married?
How did you meet? Please explain.
Was it love at first sight or something else?
What has married life been like so far?
If you were cast in a movie, which celebrity would you choose to play the role of your partner?
Ever been incarcerated or convicted of a felony or misdemeanour?
Ever been hospitalized for a mental illness?
Do you have a history of domestic violence or substance abuse?
Are you currently being considered for any other reality shows?

Are you and your partner madly in love? Think you know each other better than most couples? Are you willing to test your compatibility on a brand new fun TV show? Then Channel Nine wants to hear from you for Here Come the Newlyweds.

For this show you and your partner must be 18 years and over to apply.

Full details are on Nine’s website. Applications close September 1, 2008

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