Aug 10: ‘Sorry Ranga’ Day

TV Tonight is proud to support this Sunday as national ‘Sorry Ranga Day’, a well-meaning campaign conducted by the ABC to address all the discrimination, abuse and carrot-calling names that have been hurled at our Rangas for too long.

As the ABC says, “It’s time that the Australian population apologised for the indignity and degradation inflicted on red headed people and moved to a future based on mutual respect, mutual resolve and mutual responsibility.

“The Ginger Generation, Blood-Nut, Ginger Megs, Bluey, Carrot Top, Ginga, Freckly Arms…and Ranga. The hatred has to stop!

“Red-haired people across Australia have been unfavourably compared to orang-utans since Summer Heights High first aired across Australian television screens in 2007.

“‘Ranga’ is now firmly entrenched in the vocabulary of ordinary people all over this country

“So join the Australian nation on Sunday August 10th 2008, and let a Ranga know that you are sorry.

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