Farmer wants a re-edit?

Ahh yes “reality” television, always a tad assisted from producers, writers and editors. Nobody ever wants to misrepresent, but even the slightest omission or elevation of a storyline can produce a different perspective.

Ben Honey told the Illawarra Mercury he’s amused by some of the editing of Farmer Wants a Wife, produced by FremantleMedia.

He said the television portrayal about what happened between him and two female finalists was quite different to what happened in real life.

“I do find the show hard to watch at times and I find it hard sometimes the way they have changed the sequence of events to create the storyline … because it makes the outcome slightly different,” Honey said.

On last week’s episode Honey selected Emma to be his potential wife but after being knocked back it appeared, he said, as if “he crawled back to Sarah”, when actually a lot of events occurred in the meantime.

Still, what’s a little re-construction between good storylines? Early Big Brother contestants would always be staggered at how selective editing portrayed an image of them at the expense of excised footage. Welcome to the genre…

Nine’s dating show, which has fared well against tough timeslot competition, has a 90min finale tonight at 8:30pm, when Ben will finally choose between Emma and Sarah.

Source: Illawarra Mercury

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