If it’s Sunday it must be Rome

Seven still hasn’t officially declared it’s airdates for The Outdoor Room or Dancing with the Stars but that hasn’t stopped everyone from presuming they are launching Sunday August 31 at 6:30pm and 7:30pm respectively.

Durie’s new show (and yes Brian McFadden, that’s him in the pink shirt), will see him travel the globe and bring back new ideas that see him transform gardens into international themes.

Would love to see a cross-promo with Jamie busted in Border Security, but I guess that’s not likely…

In the first episode he turns a garden owned by a couple about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary into an Italianate theme. The following episodes will feature English, African and Indian themes.

Durie is also joined this series by former Backyard Blitzer Jody Rigby and appearances by celeb chefs Luke Mangan, Tobie Puttock and Neil Perry.

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