MTV drama for Sigrid

Great to hear Sigrid Thornton is filming a role as a femme fatale in Dream Life, a one hour drama being filmed by MTV Networks in Wahroonga.

“It’s a very different role for me,” Thornton said. “I don’t want to reveal too much about her, but she’s mysterious. And hopefully unpredictable. And she can be a nasty piece of work.”

Directed by Scott Otto Anderson, Dream Life tells the story of a desperate young man who resorts to blackmail in order to pay his father’s dangerous debts.

He discovers it’s surprising how many of his neighbours in an unspecified but well-manicured suburb have skeletons they are keen to keep in their closet.

The stand-alone drama, also stars Xavier Samuel (Newcastle, September), Adelaide Clemens (Love My Way, Wolverine), Linda Cropper and Andrew McFarlane, has been created with a TV series in mind.

“It’s a bold script. I’ve never seen anything like it on Australian TV,” Thornton said.

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. This is so embarrassing, but hey, I find Sigrid an extremely attractive and interesting lady, and I would love to meet her, or at least chat with her.

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