Pauline and casual dating

Pauline Hanson reckons she has been “casually” approached by Channel Seven to star in her own dating show in the tradition of Nine’s A Farmer Wants A Wife.

Possible titles for this idea spring to mind: Failed Politician Wants a Hubby. Fish & Chip Owner Wants To Get Battered. Or how about Please Explain Your Intentions?

Hanson says that while she initially dismissed the idea, she would be open to a bonafide offer, provided the concept for the show wasn’t “ridiculous” (it isn’t already?).

“I am open to offers and I think that A Farmer Wants A Wife is interesting and some of those people have met their ideal matches and I think that’s wonderful, ” she said yesterday.

Twice-divorced Hanson added, “I would dearly love to meet someone who I can spend the rest of my life with and have that companionship with.”

In all seriousness, Hanson was an inspired choice for the first season of Dancing with the Stars. It even managed to show that she has another side to her. But do we really want to see her getting intimate? I’m not so sure….

No truth in the rumour that Roberta Williams and Rose Hancock are putting up their hand for the same gig.

Source: Courier-Mail

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