Returning: Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader?

Mr. McManus is back with a new class of kids for his game show on TEN.

This year the show will feature at 7:30pm Thursdays, in direct competition with Getaway and Make Me a Supermodel. Rove has new students this year, Daniel, Jesse, Sara, Sean and Summer. Guess it wasn’t only Skins that turfed its cast when they got too old.

The show has also delved deeper to find candidates who are expected to be more intelligent than the kids: an assistant principal, a PhD student….

But as in the US version, there will also be, wait for it, celebrity contestants too: Hamish and Andy, Stephen Curry, Ricki-Lee and yellow Wiggle Sam Moran will all take the fifth grade test for charity.

Fifth Grader is back from September 11.

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