Returning: Australian Idol

Australian Idol returns for its sixth season at 7:30pm Sunday August 24.

It begins with a 90 minute Australian Idol: Launch followed by Rove / Dexter at 9:00 and 10:10pm.

TEN will then strip a week of 1 hr Australian Idol: Auditions from Monday Aug 25 to Friday Aug 29, bumping regular shows including So You Think You Can Dance to 9:30pm Wed, and America’s Next Top Model out of schedule on both Sunday / Monday Aug 24 / 25.

Launching the show on the final night of the Olympics is a strategic move by TEN a week away from the launch of Dancing with the Stars on Sundays. It benefits from the fact that the Olympics Closing Ceremony doesn’t begin until 10pm that night, effectively allowing the audience a big night of variety across two channels.

This season also includes auditions of expat Aussies in London with judging from Darren Hayes and Tina Arena.

A repeat of Thank God You’re Here airs 6:30pm Sun Aug 24. Burn Notice is also out on Monday 25th, replaced with a movie from 8:30pm.

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