Returning: Mythbusters

The ever popular Mythbusters returns to SBS following the Olympics. Adam and Jamie join a returning line up of SBS favourites in the week of August 24 including new South Park, Shameless, The Mighty Boosh and RocKwiz.

Mythbusters will return at 7:30pm Saturday August 30. The show will screen new eps in its permanent home of Saturday nights, allowing Mondays to focus on first run Top Gear.

In this episode which aired in December in the US, Adam and Jamie attempt to find out if steam powered machine guns were used by the confederates to fire bullets using centrifugal force.

Press Release:
No myth is safe as Adam and Jamie return for all new Mythbusters mayhem!

The third instalment of the hugely popular series is back on SBS from Saturday August 30 at 7.30pm. Adam and Jamie, two Hollywood special effects experts, return to use science, special effects, and where ever possible, explosions, to put urban legends, past and present, to the test.

Episode One – Steam Powered Machine Guns and Lie-Detector Tests
Saturday August 30 at 7.30pm

Episode one sees Adam and Jamie attempting to find out if steam powered machine guns were actually used by the confederates in the 1800s to fire bullets using centrifugal force.

In order to test the myth, the duo must first build a replica gun following strict
specifications and test the theory against three key indicators – distance, lethalness and speed, to uncover if the myth is plausible.

While Adam and Jamie are busy building their steam powered weapon, Tory, Grant and Kari are working hard at trying to fool a polygraph machine by using mental and physical means.

To ensure they really give this myth a run for its money, the trio also attempts to beat a lie detector test that uses a FMRI machine measuring brain activity. In this exercise, the team must use only their thoughts to try and outsmart the machine.

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