Satisfying seconds for Alison Whyte

The Showcase channel is busily putting together the second season of its hit series, Satisfaction, with more for its high class hookers.

The drama has had to find a new home this year after construction at its previous location, an inner Melbourne nightclub, meant access would not be available this year. So producers have had the whole set rebuilt at the Docklands, right down to the same wallpaper and every last detail. To anyone who has seen the show, it is a clone you’d be lucky to detect.

Alison Whyte, who won a Logie for her last performance told TV Tonight she was rapt to be returning to the show.

“The writing’s been fantastic on the second series,” she said.

“All of us are really happy with the varying storylines. There’s so many of us to juggle in terms of the 6 main characters.

“They know our strengths as actors as well so they’re writing for us now.”

Whyte returns to the role of the most experienced of the ladies at ‘232’, Lauren, but she wasn’t giving anything away about her upcoming storylines.

“They can still push her into different situations which are mind blowing and exposing, in every way really. Don’t forget she’s got all these secrets because the children don’t know (she’s a prostitute).”

Whyte has also had some interesting reactions from viewers to the show.

“None of the men will admit they watch it. But always the women come up and say ‘we absolutely love the show.’ Then the guys will say, ‘yeah I like it too.’

“Because we live in the country a lot of people have Foxtel and I thought ‘that’s going to be interesting being the owner of the only country pub in town.’ And I thought about that quite seriously before we bought that place. But people love it.

“They’re involved in the characters. There’s a few laughs, a few tears. It’s a nicely balanced drama,” she said.

“Bit of a dream job really.”

Satisfaction airs on Showcase later this year.

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