Seven declares post-Olympic schedule

Seven has unveiled more of its post-Olympics schedule and it includes the launch of Crash Investigation Unit, Packed to the Rafters, Find My Family, Beyond Boiling Point and Alan Sugar: The Apprentice.

It also heralds the return of Make Me a Supermodel, Ugly Betty, Trinny and Susannah Undress The Nation, Criminal Minds, Bones, The Force, Medical Emergency, RSPCA Animal Rescue, Border Security and Ghost Whisperer.

With so many changes it is easiest just to detail the list in point form.

Monday Aug 25
7:30pm Border Security. New episode.
8:00pm The Force. New episode.
8:30pm City Homicide. New episode.
9:30pm Bones. New episode. New night.
10:30pm Boston Legal. New episode.
11:30 30 Rock. New episode.

Tuesday Aug 26
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue. New episode. New night.
8:00pm Find My Family. Premiere.
8:30pm. Packed to the Rafters. Premiere.
9:30pm All Saints. New episode.
10:30pm My Shocking Story. New episode.

Wednesday August 27
7:30pm Crash Investigation Unit. Premiere.
8:00pm Medical Emergency. New episode.
8:30pm Criminal Minds. New episode.
9:30pm Alan Sugar: The Apprentice. Premiere.
10:45pm Beyond Boiling Point. New episode.
11:15pm The Unit New episode.
12:15 Cavemen. New episode.

Thursday Aug 28
7:30pm Ghost Whisperer. New episode
8:30pm Make me a Supermodel. New episode.
9:30pm Ugly Betty. New episode. Series return.
10:30pm Trinny & Susannah Undress The Nation. New episode.
11:30pm Beauty and the Geek. New episode.

Friday August 29
7:30pm Better Homes & Gardens. New episode.
8:30pm AFL

Saturday Aug 30
6:30pm Movie: The Incredibles
9:00pm Movie: Scary Movie 4

Seven has also slated a repeat of Make me a Supermodel at 12pm Thursday August 28.

Sunday August 24 will be dominated by the final night of the Olympics.

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