Show Watch: Australian Idol 2008

This year’s Top 40 contestants in Australian Idol are in for a new challenge. In previous years the final 40 have had to sing before the judges, who whittle them down again. Now the group have to sing before a live audience in a packed theatre.

24 of them will then make it through to the semi finals which will be stripped by TEN across the week of September 1-4 at 7:30pm, live from FOX Studios.

Six contestants (mixed groups of males and females) perform for the viewers vote. The following night the verdict is announced, with the male and female with the highest votes making it through to the Top 12.

According to TEN’s press info, this year’s Australian Idol TOP 100 is actually 106 including London expats. However a quick calculation of the state by state finalists only adds up to 98.

The show launches on Sunday August 24 with an audition week immediately thereafter and a week of semi finals the following week.

Andrew G., James Mathison
Ricki-Lee (backstage)

Ian ‘Dicko’ Dickson
Marcia Hines
Kyle Sandilands

Number of entrants:

Top 100 (106)
NSW 20 finalists (8 females and 12 males)
QLD 19 finalists (10 females and 9 males)
SA 6 finalists (2 females and 4 males)
TAS 2 finalists (1 male and 1 female)
VIC 36 finalists (19 females and 17 males)
WA 17 finalists (10 females and 7 males)
UK 6 finalists (5 females and 1 male)

Top 12
Wes Carr
Chrisyln Hamilton (eliminated 3 Nov)
Tom Williams (eliminated 29 Sept)
Thanh Bui (eliminated Oct 13)
Mark Spano
Teale Jakubenko (eliminated 10 Nov)
Brooke Addamo (eliminated 22 Sept)
Madam Parker (eliminated 6 Oct)
Roshani Priddis (eliminated 27 Oct)
Luke Dickens
Jonny Taylor (eliminated 15 Sept)
Sophie Paterson (eliminated 20 Oct)

Sun Nov 16 7:30pm Final 3
Mon Nov 17 7:30pm Final 3 verdict

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  1. Amanda Grafanakis is the Rock Chick australia needs and has been waiting for!!! Bring on the big guns and kick butt in this comp!! (Plastic wannabee boy-band fronters and cracklin sized diva tryhard singers go home!)