The next big thing?

Here at TV Tonight networks are often sending out clips and links hoping for a little promo. SOME of them are worth bringing to your attention. Very often they are just marketing ploys with no point of difference.

Today one link turned up that looks genuinely exciting! And it’s a locally produced comedy.

Could this be the next big thing to follow in the path of Kath & Kim and Summer Heights High?

It’s Bogan Pride, starring and written by Rebel Wilson (Monster House, Pizza, The Wedge).

In this westie comedy, there is a musical number every episode. As you will see in the clip it is a joyously over-the-top parody with witty lyrics, camp choreography, vibrant colours and, dammit, synchronised swimming.

It has been realised by Wilson and film director Tony Ayres (Home Song Stories, Walking on Water). As many of you know, some of the better, recent local comedies have been put together by performers themselves, Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Chris Lilley, Adam Zwar & Jason Gann, Rob Carlton.

If Bogan Pride can live up to the fabulous opening number, we’re in for a show with BUZZ. The six part series launches on SBS in October.

Check out the clip at! (and tell us what you think).

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