24 pauses for 18

Filming on 24 will halt for eighteen days, after the completion of episode 18, due to script concerns on the seventh season. It will resume on October 9th.

Executive producer/showrunner Howard Gordon is concerned about the quality of several scripts for upcoming episodes, however the stoppage won’t affect the launch of the next season slated for January in the US.

The production shift follows previous issues for the FOX action drama including holding back an entire season until 2009 and prison time for star Kiefer Sutherland.

The two-hour prequel now titled, 24: Redemption is scheduled to air November 24th in the US, just enough time for Seven to consider fasttracking it into the final week of ratings in Australia. TV Tonight understands it has not ruled out doing so…

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. they should always complete the writing for this kind of series before they start shooting because it is an intense 24 hours. they run out of ideas all the time. better to be prepaired before shooting .

  2. “24” always seems to falter plot-wise around hour 18, oddly. It’s almost as though they run out of clear ideas and just sit around brainstorming ways to put Jack in peril. Some of the late-season plot developments have just been ridiculous.

    The “making-of” two-part doco on one of the DVD sets clearly shows that rather than go into writing a season with a clear idea of the overall plot, they just make it up as they go along. And it very often shows.

    Gordon should perhaps have stepped in a few seasons ago!

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