Aaron and Ness’ Getaway

Getaway tonight had a cross-promo story for The Strip in which Aaron Jeffery was to show off the Gold Coast, the location for the show.

But there was very little Gold Coast and a lot more Strip, including montages from the show, and descriptions about character. Clearly very important when it comes to deciding where you want to holiday…

There was even an outing with co-star (and apparent girlfriend) Vanessa Gray.

“Ness” joined Jeffery as they ventured into the hinterland for a visit to a bar. The two sure looked pretty cosy on the back of a motorbike, which was an interesting inclusion given actors usually prefer to keep their private and professional lives separate.

Now then, back to the holidays please…


  1. This show ‘The Strip” is unbelievably bad! I fee like I’m the child in the “Emperors New Clothes” story folks but this is crap! The the show is weak. Pouting prima donnas and stories that are so full of holes and I’m sure the actors must know that this is only a temporay assignment. Why do we have to copy these superficial American cop shows when we could produce some local drama with some grit and honesty instead of a poor CSI clone. Very disappointing!

  2. Yeah I agree the first ep was average but the second ep (like that of Rush) is a big improvement. I think this will develop into quite a good show. Looking forward to seeing how it develops. Re the Getaway story I enjoyed it..sure it was a cross promo but good fun and nice scenery.

  3. After being so hugely disappointed last week tonights episode was much much better and while not a standout drama it was good for what it was – just another cop show but the two leads have great chemistry and their relationship as partners is one of the main assets.

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