AFL: Your complete Seven guide

And here is your complete guide to Seven’s AFL week for all (Seven) states including the Grand Final, AFL Game Day, The Season’s Best, Grand Final Parade, Grand Final Marathon and Sunrise.

If you can’t get your AFL fix out of this take up bocce…

Press Release:
AFL on Seven Grand Final Week
Wednesday The Season’s Best, 9.30pm, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Friday Sunrise from AFL Live Site, Federation Square Melbourne
6.00am, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth

Friday Grand Final Parade, 12.00pm, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Saturday Grand Final Marathon 12.00am Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth

Saturday North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast
8.00am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
7.30am Adelaide
6.00am Perth

Saturday AFL Game Day 9.30am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
9.00am Adelaide
7.30am Perth

Saturday 2008 AFL Grand Final LIVE
Geelong vs Hawthorn
12.30pm Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
12.00pm Adelaide
10.30am Perth

AFL On Seven
Grand Final Week
In Grand Final week, Channel Seven has plenty of AFL programs to celebrate everything AFL.

There’s an entertaining and sometimes-irreverent look back at season 2008 with The Season’s Best. The fun and colour of the Grand Final Parade with a one-hour telecast. The Grand Final Marathon is back for eight hours of football utopia.

This is followed by football’s iconic institution, the North Melbourne Grand Final Breakfast.

AFL Game Day then comes live from the MCG in a special three-hour Grand Final edition, catching up with a range of football superstars, personalities, journalists and a host of others.

And of course the big one, the 2008 AFL Grand Final, live with Seven Sport.

The Season’s Best
Wednesday 24 September
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
Host Hamish McLachlan along with comedians, AFL commentators and two of Australia’s most glamorous women are set to combine to take an entertaining and sometimes-irreverent look at AFL season 2008 in this 90-minute special.

The Season’s Best will highlight some of the biggest hits, best marks and goals, coaches’ dummy spits and clangers, along with a look at the lighter side of the game. The special will also exclusively reveal who superstars Gary Ablett Jnr and Brent Harvey rate as their top seven players.

And Tim Watson, Jason Akermanis and Andrew Welsh will weigh in as we remember the moments that have made season 2008 so memorable.

And for another take on football, Sonia Kruger and Jo Stanley will illustrate the more glamorous side of the game with a look at the players’ wives and girlfriends, and try and finalise once and for all, which player has the best body in the AFL.

Dave Lawson and Stephen Curry also delve into the more controversial moments of the season and have some fun as they look at the fans from the outer.

Friday September 26
6.00am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth
The Sunrise team soak up all the Grand Final week atmosphere at the AFL Live Site at Federation Square. Join Mel, Kochie and the Sunrise family as they look at all the colour and excitement surrounding AFL Grand Final week.

Grand Final Parade
Friday September 26
12.00pm Melbourne only
Footy fever approaches its peak as thousands pack the city for a glimpse of the
Grand Final players, coaches and the premiership cup. Channel Seven will be
there with a one-hour special including coach and player interviews with the
Seven News team. Hosted by Sandy Roberts.

Grand Final Marathon
Saturday September 27
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth
Strap yourself in for an eight-hour marathon of some of the greatest Grand Finals ever played. The best Grand Final highlights of at least one premiership for each club who has saluted on football’s biggest day will be shown. Sandy Roberts will take footy fans down memory lane.

North Melbourne Grand Final breakfast
Saturday September 27
8.00am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
7.30am Adelaide
6.00am Perth

There is no greater sporting breakfast than the iconic Grand Final Breakfast. The event is an institution on the Australian sporting calendar as it kicks off the AFL’s biggest day of the year. The cream of the political, sporting and entertainment worlds come together here. Celebrating its 43rd year, the breakfast once again promises to be great viewing on Grand Final day. Hosted by Mark Beretta.

AFL Game Day – Grand Final day edition LIVE
Saturday September 27
9.30am Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane
9.00am Adelaide
7.30am Perth
AFL Game Day comes live from the MCG in a special three-hour Grand Final edition, catching up with a range of football superstars, personalities, journalists and a host of others. Join host Hamish McLachlan and the panel as they take a look at season 2008 and all its colour and excitement.

2008 AFL Grand Final
Geelong vs Hawthorn
Saturday September 27
12. 30pm LIVE Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane
12.00pm LIVE Adelaide
10.30am LIVE Perth
The AFL Premiership season started over six months ago with 16 teams and 700 players all dreaming of being at the MCG on that last Saturday in September.

Since then we’ve seen the agony and ecstasy of the country’s best athletes and footballers as they’ve battled it out for the greatest prize in the game.

We’ve seen big hits, high-flying marks and freakish goals. We’ve seen coaches spit the dummy, players lose the plot and fans go nuts. We’ve had a team dominate the home and away season and a host of others trying to knock them off their perch.

Now, it all comes down to this, the biggest day on the Australian sporting calendar with the two best teams and 44 of its best players in front of 100,000 screaming fans with millions more watching on TV.

The AFL season reaches its crescendo with that one day in September. See all the colour and excitement of football’s biggest day, the AFL Grand Final, live with Seven Sport.

Seven’s commentary line-up for the big day is headed by Bruce McAvaney and Dennis Cometti, joined by Nathan Buckley, Leigh Matthews, Tim Watson, David Schwarz and Rick Olarenshaw.

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  1. m welbey Townsville

    Re; Season’s Best

    If the butchering of the Beijing Olympics was not enough, now the morons from Ch 7 will bugger up the AFL. Having given myself a gold medal for tolerating 1 day of the appalling “coverage” of the Olympics we will now have this inane drivel foisted upon us.

    For “light-hearted ” read “yum cha” take 2 with bubble brained Kruger etc. For God sake this should be about SPORT not the social pages. For every nosey fool that wants to stick their noses in other people’s private lives there are plenty of bimbo shows already eg Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair etc. Watch these if you are so inclined and keep the AFL a moron free zone.

    Channel 7 UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

  2. I see Fox Sport is running a Grand Final Marathon in similar vein to Channel 7/7HD across the county on Friday night-Saturday morning.

    Fox Sports GF Marathon schedule
    Fox Sports 1 CH 501
    Friday 26th September 2008 All times EST.
    1930-2130 1996 North Melbourne V Sydney
    2130-2330 1997 Adelaide v St Kilda
    2330-0130 2000 Essendon v Melbourne
    0130-0330 2002 Brisbane v Collingwood
    0330-0530 2004 Port Adelaide v Brisbane
    0530-0800 2005 Sydney v West Coast
    0800-1000 2006 West Coast v Sydney

  3. Don’t worry newtaste, after the next TV deal News Corp will bail out of the NRL and the Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Strom entail all. When that happens the AFL will finally have much needed oxygen in the Sydney Sporting/Entertainment/Media market to flourish.
    Not to mention the Sydney Swans are in desperate need to adopt a free flowing game style, its near impossible for a neutral fan to watch the Swans during the season.

  4. Give me Ch7 any day over ch9 – its so good to not have to listen to dermie and eddie anymore – and no silly over-analysis and graphs like nine used to do.

    And Zambora – the 3 special comments men have been gr8 in the box – they havent talked over each other and havent taken up too much air time – and being on the boundary is a much better place for tim watson!

  5. The ratings in Sydney for the Grand Final will be ok as usual. But you just have to look at the pathetic ratings Ten have got all year for the Swans games and that both Seven and Ten have got for the finals to realise that it will still be many years before the AFL makes any real impact in Sydney. And that is after over 20 years of trying.

  6. Far too many Special comments folk – Nathan Buckley, Leigh Matthews, Tim Watson, David Schwarz and Rick Olarenshaw

    Just does not work unless 2 step asideand do ‘solid analysis at 1/4 1/2 3/4 tiem breaks and 2 others in box during game offering opinions when needed by Dennis and Bruce.

    Should be interesting to see how Seven goes with “Live Game” and insertion of their commercials/sponsor plugs plus the endless cross promotion to upcoming showson their network.

    I fear the worst.

    Gimme Quarters,Tim Lane and Huddo any day.

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