Airdate: Battlefronts

As expected Nine will give its newest makeover show, Battlefronts, a 6:30pm Sunday timeslot.

It will premiere on Sunday September 14.

The show features former swimmer Giaan Rooney in a “front yard” makeover between suburban neighbours. Nine says, “Two expert teams have to compete in a one-day challenge to transform two very forgettable front yards into two fabulous ones. The gardens belong to two average Aussie families who have been neighbours for some time and live next door to each other.”

Team one comprises Marc Canavan (builder), Melissa King (horticulturist) and Adam Goodchild (landscaper), while the second team is Joel Hurrey (horticulturist), Celia Pisasale (designer/gardener) and Trent Robinson (builder).

The two teams have eight hours and $1,000 each to transform two neighbouring front yards, landscape nightmares, into dream gardens. The show is produced by Endemol Southern Star.

Nine’s Domestic Blitz has been a real hit with viewers, including beating former Nine lifestyler Jamie Durie last Sunday.

The battlelines have been drawn: two teams have eight hours and $10,000 each to transform two neighbouring front yards, landscape nightmares, into dream gardens.

Press Release:
Join Nine’s Giaan Rooney as she hosts the network’s new weekly lifestyle program, Battlefronts, on Sunday evenings from 6.30pm, starting September 14. Battlefronts introduces six new energetic experts who make up the two regular teams doing battle. The black team comprises Melissa King (horticulturist), Marc Canavan (builder) and Adam Goodchild (landscaper). Taking them on each week is the green team of Joel Hurrey (horticulturist), Celia Pisasale (renovator) and Trent Robinson (builder).

Battlefronts promises to entertain the whole family, regardless of how green-fingered you are. The garden makeovers are all very achievable and what the two teams create in eight hours can be repeated by viewers over a few weekends of work. And none of the makeovers requires council permission. With such a variety of beautiful gardens showcased throughout the series there is bound to be something for everyone to aspire to.

During the eight-hour makeover the local neighbourhood puts on its judge’s hat and votes one of the gardens the weekly winner. The owners then return home to find their front yard hidden for the big surprise.

Anyone wanting to sell their home will know that first impressions are vital and the front garden is what a buyer sees first. With a budget of $10,000, Battlefronts manages to increase the value of these homes by up to $50,000 during the makeover. Making sure that you don’t over-capitalise on your garden is just as important as creating that first impression and Battlefronts helps you see what you can achieve on a budget.

So whether you are looking for easy-to-recreate garden tips, you want to improve your living space, are trying to spruce up your yard before you sell, or you just love watching gardens come to life, tune in to Battlefronts.

Tune in this Sunday night at 6.30pm to meet the Battlefronts team as they join forces with Domestic Blitz for a very special and heart warming makeover.

Battlefronts: a weekly war on two front yards

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  1. TV Tonight frequently receives requests for emails of talent, but it’s not something that is given out.

    Similarly, frequent requests to have gardens, homes or people madeover, or families reunited, to this site are misdirected. You need to approach the appropriate network,some of which publish this kind of info on their own site, and some which don’t.

    In the case of Battlefronts I expect the show isn’t likely to be renewed.

  2. i think you should publish the people that are the builders and landscapers ect…’s that are on the show’s email, so if young people want advice they can get it from people that know what they are doing. Now i am only 11 but me and my friend Jodie are doing a school project where we have to design a outdoor garden for our school and the best design gets made in our school. We have 2 weeks and we are sort of stuck and since i watch this show i thought i would try and get Melissa King’s Email address ( cause she is my favorite) so Jodie and i could contact her to get some advice on what would be good. We would be so ecstatic if our garden got chosen and we would love some advice.
    Thanks Ebony and Jodie

  3. spunkymonkeycaesar

    I can’t wait, it looks great, am I the only one though who’s looking forward to this show?! – I guess only those who previously liked Changing Rooms will be able to appreciate this show in it’s entirety.

  4. Not a new-idea-capable brain cell at the entire network, methinks.

    Nine’s turned into the kind of TV network equivalent of the generic “working families” that politicians constantly bang on about 🙂

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