Airdate: Bogan Pride

SBS’ newest local comedy Bogan Pride launches 9pm Monday October 6th.

Devised and starring comedienne Rebel Wilson the show is based on her experiences growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs. It shamelessly includes a musical number every episode. The opening episode features a synchronised swimming / water ballet number.

In addition to a cast including Sally Ann Upton, Lulu McClatchy, and Ryan Jones, Wilson has major behind the scenes talent in producer Tony Ayres (Home Song Stories, Walking on Water) and Michael McMahon (Home Song Stories, Wildness) and Oscar and BAFTA nominated director Peter Templeman (The Saviour, Ladder of Love).

Press Release:
What exactly is a bogan, and just what do they have to be so proud of? Quite a lot actually, as comedienne extraordinaire Rebel Wilson (Pizza, Thank God You’re Here, The Wedge) proves in the new six part musical comedy series Bogan Pride.

Bogan Pride premieres on SBS on Monday October 6, at 9.00pm and follows one teenage bogan’s quest to save her mother from morbid obesity. This quirky upbeat series is based on Rebel’s experience of growing up in Sydney’s western suburbs, and includes original musical numbers which bookend each episode. These extravagant songs and the accompanying choreography combine to create a truly unique bogan spectacle.

But it’s not all song and dance. Over the course of the series Jennie Cragg, (Rebel Wilson) who lives in Boonelg with her extremely overweight mother Berenice (Sally Anne Upton), will face many challenges. Not least of which includes taking on the high school skanks, trying to impress her good looking neighbour Nick (Ryan Jones), and entering a dance competition with the hope of winning $10,000 for her Mum’s stomach stapling operation. She’ll also deal with the antics of her Aunt Cassandra (who has become increasingly annoying since her gay husband left her) learn to become closer to God with the help of a few lesbians, sell bonsai cats and try to win a Maths Olympiad.

Bogan Pride is the first narrative television series Rebel Wilson has created, written, produced and starred in. The series is co-produced by award winning filmmakers Tony Ayres (Home Song Stories, Walking on Water) and Michael McMahon (Home Song Stories, Wildness) and directed by Oscar and BAFTA nominated director Peter Templeman (The Saviour, Ladder of Love).

With its clever script and a town full of endearing characters, Bogan Pride encourages all of us to embrace our inner bogan.

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  1. Reno Testaburger

    hmmmm. Well I found Bogan Pride about as funny as gargling peroxide. Hairspray meets Summer Heights High? Doesn’t come close to the energy and brilliance of Hairspray and lacks the wit of Summer Heights High. Its a dull and uninspiring half hour with about as much spark as a flat bottle of spumante. But what do you think of it David ???

  2. I should watch this since I live in the western suburbs and should feel some kind of connection…but I don’t. Can’t say it’s my kind of humour at all, so I’m giving it a pass, but good luck to her.

  3. looks a little like a cross between summer heights high and hairspray. Sorry but i don’t find her humor that funny. But i hope the show does well for her.

  4. This show looks so hot! Can’t wait for it to come out! I’m a huge Rebel Wilson fan and think that this is going to be awesome. Everyone knows she got shafted in The Wedge and Channel 9 shafted her in Monster House but now it’s payback!

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