Airdate: M.I. High

Spy kids working as undercover agents are coming to ABC afternoons -from the makers of Spooks.

Now this sounds fun.

The ABC is to air the BBC children’s adventure series M.I. High, produced by the same company behind Spooks and Life on Mars. The series follows the adventures of 3 secondary school pupils, Blane, Daisy and Rose, who work as undercover spies.

The three are well-stocked in all sorts of gadgetry including their pencils which when missions are received a small eraser on the end flashes. The pencils also work as communicators.

The first series of 10 parts aired in the UK in January last year, and a second series of 13 eps aired this year.

It premieres as part of Rollercoaster, 5:25pm Monday October 13 on ABC1.

Press Release:
Their cover’s blown – the old school spies have had their day. With seemingly no-one to stop him, the evil Grand Master, leader of S.K.U.L (Super Kriminal Underworld League), is now set for global domination. Luckily, there’s a new kind of skilled undercover agent, hidden in a place where no villain would think to look…

This is St. Hope’s, a local urban school concealing a crack team of teen experts working for the British Government.

Together, karate black-belt Blane (Moustafa Chousein-Oglou), social chameleon Daisy (Bel Powley), and technical whiz-kid Rose (Rachel Petladwala), must use all their gadgetry and guile to foil the Grand Master and his plans to take over the world – and prevent their classmates from finding out what they’re up to!

The gang’s flashing red pencils alert them to each new mission – summoned by the school caretaker Lenny (Danny John- Jules), actually an undercover spymaster running the M.I.High operation from a high-tech H.Q. below the school. Fast paced, action packed adventure comedy from the makers of Spooks and Life on Mars.

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