Airdate: No Way, Get F*#ked, F*#k Off!

This doco on The Angels will be interesting to see listed in TV Guides.

Here’s a title that will be interesting to see listed in your TV guides. If you spy anything other than the above titled listed, be sure to let TV Tonight know….

This SBS doco profiles The Angels and that song, with the now legendary catchcry, “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?” The song was released 30 years ago on the album Face to Face.

As the band embarks on a reunion tour, this film profiles an uneasy reconciliation between band members after a rift between two parties over naming rights. Doc Neeson is on record as saying the tour is a one-off, saying, “I’m really happy we’re together for this tour, but there are differences and I’m not sure if they’ll ever go away.”

It screens in the adults only timeslot of Saturday October 11 at 10pm on SBS.

Press Release:

Thirty years ago The Angels were kings of the Australian rock scene. Eight and a half years ago lead singer Doc Neeson was involved in a horrific car accident and was forced to leave the band. One year ago he and the rest of the original members were talking through lawyers in a bitter legal battle over naming rights. And then Doc’s manager David Edwards had an idea. Instead of tearing each other apart, why don’t they just put the band back together again? That was the start of an uncertain journey as the five original members Doc Neeson, John & Rick Brewster, Chris Bailey and Buzz Bidstrup began to re-discover the magic which made the legend.

On Saturday October 11 at 10pm, SBS will screen the fly-on-the –wall documentary No Way, Get F*#ked, F*#k Off! which tells the story of this iconic Australian band’s uneasy reconciliation.

The Angels wrote songs which became the soundtrack to a generation growing up in the golden years of pub rock and outdoor music festivals. This year marks the 30 years since Face To Face was released, an album that remained in the charts for an unprecedented two years. The first single Am I Ever Going to See Your Face Again? is the song which inspired the now legendary audience chant “No way, get f*#ked, f*#k off!”

No Way, Get F*#ked, F*#k Off! reveals never before seen video of the band’s early days shot by lead guitarist Rick Brewster. Director Ben Ulm searched through hours of Hi-8 video to find candid backstage material from The Angels’ heyday, as well as footage of performances by Moonshine Jug and String Band, the first band formed by Doc Neeson and the Brewster Brothers.

Filmed over three months shooter/producer Stu McCarney and director Ben Ulm were give access to rehearsals, band meetings, backstage, dressing rooms and centre stage. The resulting documentary is a remarkably personal story full of raw emotion, great music and candid insights into a rock legend.

No Way, Get F*#ked, F*#k Off! will screen on SBS as the reunited band prepare to embark on their Night Attack Tour.

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