Airdate: The Sarah Jane Adventures

Nickelodeon premieres the Doctor Who spin-off in late October.

Nickelodeon has confirmed it has picked up the rights to The Sarah Jane Adventures, another spin-off from Doctor Who.

It will premiere Friday October 31 at 7pm.

The series stars Elisabeth Sladen who first appeared in the role in 1973 as a regular companion of the Third and Fourth Doctors. Sladen also appears in the season finale of Who on the ABC this Sunday night.

Pitched as a children’s series, the spin-off began with a special in January 2007 in the UK before the full series aired later in September. A second season launches next week in the UK.

Press Release:
From the team that brought you the original ‘Doctor Who’ comes the spin-off series, Sarah Jane Adventures. Sarah Jane Smith is a truly remarkable woman. A former journalist and companion to Doctor Who, she inhabits a world of mystery, danger and wonder. A world where aliens are commonplace and the Earth is constantly under threat.

Sarah Jane’s young friends – Maria, Luke and Clyde – are put in a world that they couldn’t have imagined before they meet Sarah Jane. Nothing will ever be ordinary for them again as they join her and become embroiled in a world of adventure, mystery, alien objects and monsters.

From the monstrous Slitheen, to the mysterious veiled Abbess and the sinister Mrs Wormwood, Sarah Jane and her companions fight to confound Earth’s foes – with a little help from Mr Smith her highly advanced alien computer, her newly (and genetically grown) adopted son Luke Smith, a sonic lipstick, which can open locked doors and her scanner watch, which can detect alien lifeforms and identify them.

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  1. I heard of this from a friend, and another friend of mine will probably be really miffed that she won’t be able to see it, as I have foxtel and she doesn’t.

    ABC should’ve gotten the rights to Torchwood and Sarah Jane Adventures. I know the sort of kids that watch Nickelodeon, and they definitley aren’t the sort of people that would watch Doctor Who or any associated shows.

  2. The ABC should have had this and Torchwood, with the Doctor Who final now on here many of the views would be lost when Sarah Jane popped up again. I had the feel of DW but is clearly targeted at a younger audiance, much like the original Doctor Who was.

  3. It is a GREAT series … very watchable for adults even if it is intended for kids! It is fantastic to have Sarah Jane in her own show which she strongly deserves and is a true star in her own right.
    Currently hanging out for the beginning of Series 2 next week in the UK!
    It is a TOTAL CRIME that this brilliant show is not being shown on FREE TO AIR … but the DVD box set is available from overseas next month anyway.

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