Airdate: The Season’s Best

Hamish McLachlan will air a special look back at the year of AFL with commentators, comedians and personalities for Seven.

In the lead up to AFL‘s big day, Seven has a one-off special looking at the 2008 season to air in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth next Wednesday night.

The Season’s Best will look at “some of the biggest hits, best marks and goals, coaches’ dummy spits and clangers.” Hosted by Hamish McLachlan from AFL Game Day, he will be joined by Tim Watson, Jason Akermanis and Andrew Welsh.

Also joining are Dave Lawson and Stephen Curry while Sonia Kruger and Jo Stanley look at “players’ wives and girlfriends,” -take note blondes at the Brownlow.

It airs Wednesday 24 September at 9.30pm, strategically a night that avoids clashing with Nine’s Footy Show Grand Final.

Press Release:
Host Hamish McLachlan along with comedians, AFL commentators, and two of Australia’s most glamorous women are set to combine to take an entertaining and sometimes-irreverent look at AFL season 2008.

Channel Seven takes a fun and light-hearted approach to the AFL season’s highlights in a 90-minute special, The Season’s Best, as Grand Final week builds towards the big game.

The Season’s Best will highlight some of the biggest hits, best marks and goals, coaches’ dummy spits and clangers, along with a look at the lighter side of the game. And reveal exclusively who superstars Gary Ablett Jnr and Brent Harvey rate as their top seven players.

Tim Watson, Jason Akermanis and Andrew Welsh will all appear as we remember the moments that have made season 2008 so memorable.

And for another take on football, Sonia Kruger and Jo Stanley illustrate the more glamorous side of the game with a look at the players’ wives and girlfriends, and try and finalise once and for all, which player has the best body in the AFL.

Dave Lawson and Stephen Curry also delve into the more controversial moments of the season and have some fun as they look at the fans from the outer.

Wednesday 24 September, 9.30pm
Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth.

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    If the butchering of the Beijing Olympics was not enough, now the morons from Ch 7 will bugger up the AFL. Having given myself a gold medal for tolerating (for 1 day) the appalling “coverage” of the Olympics we will now have this inane drivel foisted upon us.

    For “light-hearted ” read “yum cha” take 2 with bubble brained Kruger etc. For God sake this should be about SPORT not the social pages. For every nosey fool that wants to stick their noses in other people’s private lives there are plenty of bimbo shows already eg Sunrise, Today Tonight, A Current Affair etc. Watch these if you are so inclined and keep the AFL a moron free zone.

    Channel 7 UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!!!

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