Anna Coren quits Today Tonight

As has long been rumoured, Anna Coren has quit Today Tonight to become a news anchor and reporter for CNN in Hong Kong. She’s due to begin in December.

Coren took a screen test in the US last July, following on-going difficulties behind the scenes, particularly in reference to a courtcase involving Mercedes Corby and the departure of her producer boyfriend Andrew Bourke.

All eyes will now turn toward her replacement.

Samantha Armytage has been considered a front-runner, but with gossip over Seven seeking a deal with Nine’s Karl Stefanovic, there is now a suggestion the network could be assessing other options.

According to the Sunday Telegraph, Armytage is believed to have shored up her position at Seven by signing a lucrative two-year contract with the network at least three months before she was due to re-sign.

The deal, which is believed to have bumped up her salary by 60 per cent, was negotiated by her agent, Sean Anderson, who had a one-on-one session with network boss David Leckie.

Coren had been the summer host for TT prior to winning the permanent role, a path which could soon be followed by Armytage.

“We have a contract with Sam, and her duties will be announced in due course,” Seven news and current-affairs chief Peter Meakin confirmed.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. i hope Sam doesn’t move to TT – we watch her at the weekend sunrise show – the only time we watch sunrise – the mix of herself and andrew o’keefe is infinitely better that sunrise during the week. I’d hate to see Karl stefaovic leave today, but hey – if he wants to lower his profile to spending 5 days a week introducing TT “stories” on bras, dodgy scams, diets etc etc – then good luck to him if thats what he wants to do – i guess you can only to 3am starts for so many years…..

    my biggest fear is Samantha leaving weekend sunrise, only to be replaced by Jessica Rowe *shudder*

  2. i believe Sam should stick to the Sunrise on Sunday and her other position because she so much better on the show that she is in at the moment.
    She and the team on Sunday Sunrise, they all work really well together and they are so much funnier then the weekdays Sunrise.

    TT position should given to that channel Nine man that want this show so desperately or give it back to Naomi because she is really good at TT and she
    make that show more exciting.

  3. TT sucks anyway. Melissa Doyle would be a great host, since since boring and melodramatic anyway, get rid of Kochie all together, and have Nat and Mark Berretta doing Sunrise.

  4. I don’t care if people judge me for saying this but I love Naomi!!!!!!
    I heard wispers she is coming back…..ok I made that up. Why do people hate her so much? She is Beautiful.

  5. Samantha is great, a really nice person. She’s filled in o nTT many times but I don’t know if that would be a great role for her as the TT presenter full time. TT has become a a little bodgy as a current affairs show. Samantha is a very good talent and has a great personality which would be lost on TT.

    If I were seven i’d give the TT job to someone else and give Sam a shot at her own show, something involving reporting and interviewing, not a snipit rushed interview style a really in-depth one on one style. She’s very good at putting people at ease. Hey Seven i’l write it for you just ask David for my email.
    As for Anna I liked her on TT but hey life moves on.

  6. Rebecca Maddern (ex 4.30 newreader ),is under used by seven network in melbourne,shes only used as fill in newreader.Rebecca has the talent to host TT,she would do excellent job………did anyone notice she filled in for kylie gillies a few weeks back on THE MORNING SHOW,she proved that week what a talent she is,she did some hosting on saturdays grand final day show GAME DAY and l was very impressed.

  7. I agree with Craig! If Samantha Armytage joins TT.. Its gonna leave a massive hole in Seven’s presenting line up. With Samantha presenting; 4.30 News, Weekend Sunrise. She is also the back up reader for Sydney’s 6pm and TT’s Summer replacement. Who’s gonna do the 4.30 News and Weekend Sunrise. Jessica Rowe would be good for 4.30 News.. (but whats the bet they’ll put Monique Wright on) but I don’t have a clue who would do Weekend Sunrise.. Maybe Sam could do a 6 day week??

  8. I hope that Melissa Doyle does not end up hosting TT like she used to do as a substitute. I think she does an excellent job co-hosting Sunrise, even though I hate the woman.

    Every week, TT does not even rate in the Melbourne Top 20, although there was one time where it did rate during the Olympics.

  9. I think considering that they get such high ratings (why I keep asking???), any type of story will work for them, and they probably don’t really need to ‘make a choice’ as such. Although 95% of the time, i think of the show as ‘trivial’.

  10. We in Brisbane don’t want the east coast edition no more. I am sick of it. I hope a few Seven network exec’s (including Meakin) are reading this. If Armytage hosts, I’m switching off. Bring back a proper Brisbane TT, and you won’t get the flick.

    Ugh, this “networked” program bores me rigid

  11. One of my biggest gripes with TV networks is their choice of host for particular shows.

    Got to get it right.

    Seven with Today tonight needs to make a choice.
    Is show a current affairs, infomercial,brastory, weight loss, generic brand ,dodgy scam or cross promotion show ?

    Do you need serious host or lighteight host ?

    Decide on format of show then get the right host.

    good luck to anna, she will succeed with right vehicle.
    look at others that need right show – Naomi can read news, do serious stories but look uneasy with TT

    David & others, what are your views on good/bad hosts.

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