Australian Idol: top 12

With 7 guys and 5 girls, it's going to be a bit of a "boy's year" on Idol 2008.

And here is your Australian Idol Top 12 for 2008:

Wes Carr, Chrisyln Hamilton, Tom Williams, Thanh Bui, Mark Spano, Teale Jakubenko, Brooke Addamo
Madam Parker, Roshani Priddis, Luke Dickens, Jonny Taylor, Sophie Paterson.

With 5 girls and 7 boys, it’s a “boy’s year.”

Next Sunday the finalists select an “Idol’s Idol” song choice. They will appear at Westpoint Blacktown Tuesday 16th at 4pm. The group will perform live and answer questions from their fans. Theys will be joined by American Idol winner Jordin Sparks.

Centrebet has ranked the singers with the following odds:
2008 Australian Idol – winner
$3.50 Wes Carr
$6.00 Mark Spano
$8.00 Madam Parker
$9.00 Sophie Paterson
$10.00 Brooke Addamo
$11.00 Roshani Priddis
$11.00 Teale Jakubenko
$11.00 Thanh Bui
$12.00 Tom Williams
$13.00 Chrislyn Hamilton
$34.00 Luke Dickens
$51.00 Jonny Taylor

Tonight’s live Verdict show was amusing for the moment when James Mathison made two, make that two, gags at the expense of Axle Whitehead who performed his single, “I Don’t Do Surprises.” Mathison mocked unzipping his pants, in reference to Whitehead’s infamous penis exposure at the ARIA Awards. Seems no matter how hard he tries to reinvent his career that moment keeps getting referenced.

Another contestant also corrected Andrew G who said Western Australia must have voted a lot for him. Nope Mr G, he was a judge’s choice. Doh!

You gotta love live television.

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  1. Hmmm i dont no? this yrs not very good though. i lyk chrislyn & i h8td jonny, lol. i only watched ona performance da other nite, jonnys. 🙁 i tink teales alright though. i hope some1 who really deserves it wins!!

  2. This year’s contestants have been the worst thus far. The judges are “supposedly too hard” this year but I think they’re too soft. There are very few good people. I would LOVE to see Thanh Bui win. He’s just amazing, I also really like Chrislyn Hamilton. Luke Dickens is a good ‘ol Aussie. He’s more talented than he thinks. Roshani’s ok too. She won’t win but she’ll get far.

    The rest though were ones I never expected to make it into the top 12. But the most of the ones that didn’t make it weren’t too great anyway.

  3. Well, of course I could have just entered “Australian Idol Final 24” into Google and found out right away who everyone was. Duh 😀

    Mystery Girl is Brooke Wilkie (and she performed on the Tuesday, not the Monday – my error). Here’s the official Idol bio (warning: bad photo alert):


    And a quuick YouTube:


    She doesn’t appear to have a MySpace presence, the silly girl.

  4. Amanda was the blonde rock-chick one, right? (The two-week-long barrage of Idol made it somewhat of a challenge to remember all the relevant names! 🙂

    If so then yes, she was a confident performer and had the best personality out of all of them, though she was by no means the best singer and the judges’ instruction to her to basically drop all dynamics and just belt out songs had me thinking “oh no, this year’s Token Rock Chick That Gets Voted Out In The First Two Weeks”.

    Kat, the fact that they made no further mention of, err, mystery-talented-girl after her semi-final disaster was telling. I’m puzzled – the judges loved her right up till then and if she had such a serious throat condition, why didn’t they bump her semi-final appearance to the Thursday to give her a chance to recover, instead of forcing her to go on when singing clearly caused her physical pain? And why were the judges damning her afterwards with comments like “you’ve gotta sell it if you can’t sing it” (paraphrasing)?

    No matter, with a voice like hers I’m sure she’ll have a much brighter non-Idol future anyway. Now if we could only figure out who she is… 🙂

  5. Agreed Leith. I thought Amanda was a shoo-in with her performance quality. I’d have traded her in for Johnny in a heartbeat.

    I’m digging the r’ n b ladies (Roshani & Madam) and I think Sophie and Brooke both have a really interesting quality to their voices and personalities. I didn’t think Tom should have got through, but no surprises there given the age of the voters.

    Let the gauntlet begin…

  6. I agree Neon Kitten; i don’t remember the girl but she definately should have gotten a second chance to sing. Maybe she was still sick and there was no point?

    i’m thrilled Jonny got through. he, Wes and Chrislyn are the only ones I really like. 😛

  7. Not sure of her name, but the girl with the remarkable voice who crashed and burned in the first of the semi-finals last week was amazing, and surely would have gotten in if not for the fact that she had lost her voice and could barely croak out the song. It was a given that she would not be a “wild card”, I figured, and I was right. Their loss.

    I didn’t even bother recording tonight’s show, I’m so uninterested in the contestants they’ve chosen.

  8. I really don’t know what to think of the Top 12 this year. There’s some real talent in there, for example Wes, Madam, Mark, Chrislyn, Sophie, Roshani, and Brooke. But the rest don’t really intrigue me at all. Especially Tom, and Thanh. So bummed that Kayla, Matt, Amanda, and Nicole didn’t get in.

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