Axed: Taken Out

We all knew this was coming. TEN finally turns out the light on its own dating show to be replaced by The Simpsons.

Channel TEN has finally pulled the plug on its latest game show, Taken Out.

It is to be replaced by The Simpsons effective from tonight.

After tracking its performance in a week of single guys, TEN has been forced to turn out the light on its own show. This week it started with 610,000 but last night was at 533,000 viewers. TEN is mindful that last Friday it dropped to 465,000 viewers. Meanwhile Seven News had 1.44m viewers while Nine News had 1.1m viewers.

For a show whose biggest audience was younger females, the show also didn’t make the top ten 16-39 programmes in Australia last night. By contrast, Neighbours was #7th.

TEN had always sought to revisit the dating / game show genre with Taken Out but the show wasn’t even keeping the Neighbours audience before being moved from 7pm to 6pm.

FremantleMedia, which has also produced the hit dating show Farmer Wants a Wife, also had on-going casting issues with a low turn-out of single men.

A TEN spokesperson said no decision has been made on airing remaining episodes. The network was pleased with the performance of host James Kerley, who arguably managed to keep the show moving with not much to work with.

The show shoots its final episodes next week.

Tonight TEN returns The Simpsons to its trusty 6pm timeslot with the episode “Mr. Plow.” That name again, Mr Plow.

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  1. Later on We had things like Excused and the Bachelor.The latter would have to be one of the worst things 10 ever did for a dating show.How That survived two seasons I don’t know.Looking back at it.The mistake 10 did was putting it up against at that time with Two and a Half Men and Home and Away.Oh well Ten has the Project at that hour now.

  2. what am i going to do when i cant sleep after midnight , yes after midnight is the time we got it here in Darwin im over the long info commercials they are so boring or adds that dont even belong to the northern territory.

  3. If only Taken Out had succeeded then we would not have the summer run of the Bold and the Beautiful at 6pm.Did Channel 10 not learn anything from the Echo Point days to put on a soap at that hour and watch it sink.

  4. To place a dating show on at a 6pm timeslot was silly. During 6pm it’s usually family time, hence kids will be watching, therefore i doubt parent would want their kids to be watching a dating show which refrences sex, and one night stands. Simpsons and friends are classic shows that people are able to watch over and over again because they are fun, and great to laugh at.

  5. I agree with Jess, why move it from 7 to 6 in the first place? So they can run repeats of Friends? Who even watches that rubbish anymore?

    I also agree with Pam and Emma, Taken Out was an enjoyable show where you didnt have to think, you just sit back and relax, have a giggle and it was a show that left you in a good mood.

    And what was the go on not even showing the 20th episode on the Friday?

    If i did have a reason to watch channel 10 it was for Taken Out, now that they have taken that away and returned to rubbish Simpsons and Friends… theres nothing on Ten worth watching anymore. Hey if Ten are in an axing mood lopping off 90210 and that bondi rescue show why dont they axe Australian Idol while they are at it?? … now thats some garbage that really needs to go…

  6. Instead of a show like taken out, they should bring back that dating show hosted by the ex blonde host of saturday disney. I can’t exactally remmber her name, But the show was back in the 90’s , and it involved one male/female to sit on one side of a wall and there would be 3 female/male contestants on the other. The male/female would ask the 3 female/male questions and then based on COMPLETE personality traits , a match would be made.

    This would be most beneficial as no one could criticise that individuals were being critical in any way shape or form.


  7. Thank god. This show started off as trash, then finally got recycled – well done! Good riddance to bad show tastes! Now, we can re-use this slot for something worth watching. Friends is almost finished however, there up to season 10.

  8. well everyone has different taste.
    the host was great and the concept was okay but the way Ten went about it was bad.
    i personally liked it but dont chop my head off for it okay?
    i mean i dont see you guys coming up with ideas for tv shows.

  9. @ Anon Female (if that IS your real name),

    The Simpson’s most certainly do not rot your brain. The show works on so many levels, even if some kids only appreciate some of the more slapstick humour. I remember having a literature professor at uni who loved the show! The new episodes definitely aren’t of the same calibre as the old ones though.

    As for this show lol, at least the host was good! He carried the show.

  10. This is great news. Taken Out was one of the most inane shows I’ve seen for years. A bunch of shallow vacuous bimbos passing judgement on a group of desperate fools. Another show trying to promulgate the idea that male/female bonding is more than just a way to secure a maintenance cheque.
    A bachelor is a selfish, undeserving guy who has cheated some woman out of a divorce.

  11. I’m DEVASTATED!!

    Why do you guys always axe the GOOD shows. It was great entertainment and totally unique. If you had it on a bit later when the target audience would be watching, then you would have had a much better rating.

    Channel 10 – you got it wrong again. Put it on 7!

  12. i liked the show, something good to have on in the background whilst i cooked dinner (when it was on at 6). but i must admit i did cringe every time one of those poorly dressed, poorly made-up girls opened their mouth.

    if there were some girls on there who weren’t so shallow, conceited and picky relative to their looks and personality, it might have been a bit more bearable to the people who hated it.

    the host was good, hopefully he does well in the future on FTA.

    one more thing…..I HATE THE SIMPSONS! there is nothing WORSE than that on TV at the moment! HATE IT HATE IT HATE IT and to an earlier poster: Kids should not be watching the Simpsons – it will rot their brain!

  13. admittedly a terrible concept and a pure load of crap but an entertaining show none-the-less. as if laughing at desperate people making complete arses out of themselves isn’t funny…and kerley is the master of wrecking stupid bimbos. i say bring the s**t back! five times in my life i’ve turned on the telly to watch the simpsons out of pure desperation, and all 5 times i saw the same goddam episode about Burns’ and his stupid teddy. mildly entertaining, but how many times can you watch the same old episodes…again and again and…. BRING IT BACK please : )

  14. Ten bring taken out back and put it on at 7pm, we are over re-runs of Friends and Simpsons, James was funny and great to watch and this was light – hearted tv…. What were you thinking putting it on at 6pm so soon….. ???

    Keep everything the same but increase the pace of the show slightly. Bring it back!!! Please ?????

  15. @Emma: You’re right, it’s about light entertainment and reality.

    Please bring the show back. It’s good fun to watch after a long working day.

    It’s also about psychology between men-women. Don’t you guys want to know what’s the other sex thinking about you?

  16. I liked Taken Out.
    It wasn’t designed to be a show that makes you think, it was simply designed as light entertainment which it achieved.
    Guaranteed that half of the people here who say they hated it didnt even watch it and only saw the ads.
    Yes it was all based on first impressions and appearance but no matter what anyone says the first time you meet someone appearance is nearly always the first thing you notice before taking it further. Whilst it might seem like it is horrible for them to say no to someone because they were “too tall”, “not my type” etc, this is reality, thus reality tv.
    I am over seeing The Simpsons, it was nice to see something different for a change.

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