Born to be Wild on Nine

First it was the ABC, then it was Seven, now Channel Nine is climbing on board the choir bandwagon. The network has picked up the Finnish format, Born to be Wild, which sees a choir of people over 75 years old taught how to be rockers by a rock band.

In its original format a heavy-metal singer and famous drummer select the singers before a rigorous training camp then prepares them for a performance and final group sessions with rock masters. Unlike other reality shows there is no elimination, the tone is said to be emotional and positive.

Jorg Roth, the managing director of Finland’s Zodiak International, said: “Born to be Wild contains all the best elements of a music-driven talent show whilst offering a real sense of warmth and humor, which we are confident will resonate with international audiences.”

The series ends in a huge public concert.

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Source: C21, WorldScreen


  1. Well, folks, if you have been disappointed with the reality shows seen so far, there is now going to be a change. I shared your opinion before the Finnish K-70 -show started. I am pleased that my mother and the 17 other singers who were starring in the show, gave many Finns a fascinating possibility to let go of prejudice.

    The show was capturing, touching and also educating in the sense, that we younger people got to see what’s behind the personalities of the grannies and grandpas who are still willing and able to learn new things, live their life the way they want – and not letting others define themselves. I want to be like them when I grow old, still have stars in my eyes.

    If the casting for the show is done well enough in Australia, you all shall experience something quite different from what you’ve seen before. Have a good time with Born to be Wild, laughing and holding back your tears together with the singers.

    Raija from Finland

  2. There are VERY few reality TV shows that I enjoy and even the very few that I watch, I wouldn’t be sad to see them go. I just know that they need to stop…NOW. It’s getting too much. It wasn’t that long ago that I could turn on the TV and see something great on every channel. I mean it’s 2008 and we still only have five free-to-air channels and not much to choose from!

  3. Australian reality television: Dare to be original! =]

    Seriously though, I’m over this reality television. It’s bad enough that Channel 7 have all these shows, that are pretty much the same format.

    What were they smoking when they decided this?

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