Bumped: Kitchen Nightmares USA, CSI: NY.

Is Gordon Ramsay the victim of over-exposure? Nine moves swiftly on a series with undercooked returns.

Months ago he was the hottest thing on television, now he can’t get the figures and is replaced by a movie.

Nine was so unhappy with its 732,000 for the (fasttracked) series of Kitchen Nightmares USA on Monday that it is moving the reality series immediately. Next week (Wed Sept 17) it screens at 10pm, replacing a repeat of CSI: NY.

A new episode of CSI: NY planned for 9:30pm Monday is now out schedule too. Instead Nine will fill its Monday with a repeat of a 2003 Jack Nicholson movie, Something’s Got To Give. You would almost be right in thinking Nine is giving up the fight with City Homicide.

A week later on Monday Sept 22 Nine airs the 2005 Kurt Russell movie Poseidon followed by Sensing Murder.

On Wednesday Sept 24 Kitchen Nightmares airs at 9:30pm.

In the premiere episode this week Nine had considerably more censoring of the swearing Chef than usual. While it may have been affected by the challenges of fasttracking, Nine is aware that ACMA is still assessing complaints over the series.

Many will argue that Nine over saturated its schedule playing Gordon Ramsay up to 3 times a week, though it is also interesting to note that Seven’s Ugly Betty has also seen a fall from grace this year.

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  1. Please, could you put back some of his great series?
    I dont have foxtel and I hope I will never have the need to get it, cause we can have excellent programs with out pay tv, like his programs, Please consider broadcasting again his excellent series,thanks

  2. David I guess you know this already but just in case.

    Did you see the promo for Kitchen Nightmares USA? Now at the “Special Time” of 10pm Wednesday (aka ’cause the rating sucked).

    It aired just before the Monday showing of the Fringe sneak peak, which is nothing more than an extended promo with a ch9 voice over BTW!

  3. Nine might wanna start pulling their finger out because they will lose more viewers and go lower in the ratings if they keep doing this. It’s getting old really fast. 2 and a half months I have been waiting for the new ep of CSI: NY and NINE keep changing their schedules!!! ARGH!!!! No wonder they are losing in the ratings!!! They don’t know what they are doing!!!

  4. Ch 9 were a bit too quick to react i think. Most people like myself thought last weeks show was a repeat and didn’t realise it was a revisited show, i saw scenes i has seen before and switched the Channel. They should of waited till the real episodes start, and then see how it goes. But i think the idiots are in control of Ch 9!

  5. I hate it when a certain network promotes the show as “The next Big Aussie Drama” only to dump it to 10:30 after 2 weeks.

    Nine deserve all the bad ratings they are getting giving how badly they have treated shows int he past.

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