Bumped: Real Time with Bill Maher

The Comedy Channel has amended its premiere episode of Real Time with Bill Maher, originally slated for 10pm Monday September 15.

It will now air from 9:30pm Thursday September 18, replacing The Power of One.

The weekly HBO series features a panel of guests that discuss current events in politics and the media, with Maher’s own biting delivery. It adds to the Comedy Channel’s impressive US talk shows including Leno, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Press Release:

The COMEDY CHANNEL is excited to welcome Bill Maher, one of the most politically astute comedians in America, with his irreverent HBO talk series, REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER.

Each week, Bill’s hilarious opening monologue, incisive interviews and stimulating panel discussion – as well as his extremely popular “New Rules” segment – serve to wrap up the week’s most important events in a way that makes you think, as well as laugh.

REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER has received multiple Emmy nominations as well as nominations from the Writers’ Guild of America and Producers’ Guild of America. Some of the outstanding guests who have appeared on the show include George Clooney, Michael Moore, Robin Williams, Drew Barrymore, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Kevin Costner, Pat Buchanan, Ben Affleck and George Carlin.

Get ready for biting and hilarious commentary; there will also be some feisty discussions in the lead-up to the USA election. It’s REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER – exclusively on THE COMEDY CHANNEL.


  1. Wow they are starting from the beginning of the series, so it’ll be a few weeks out of date, what on earth is wrong with those who program the comedy channel. These shows are infinitely better when they are as up to date as possible.

  2. As an enourmous fan of this show, I’m really happy that this show is finally coming to the Comedy Channel. However, as this show airs in America on a friday night, TCC will get this show 5 days late. If they can get topical shows like Daily Show and Colbert mere hours after US airing, why can’t they do it with a similar show? I will continue to watch this show on youtube as it is uploaded a couple of hours after the US airing.

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