Careful, nervous mother driving….

This morning, I woke up with this feelin’ I only wanna make you happy…

Yes drag out your bell bottoms, they’re remakin’ The Partridge Family -well, sorta.

Reveille and Geffen Records have partnered with format rights holder Sony Pictures to develop a “tongue-in-cheek, modern-day approach to the original series.”

The idea emanated from plans to create a family style show in the world of music, no doubt as an extension of the success enjoyed by American Idol and High School Musical (for my money, you don’t get much more David Cassidy than Zac Effron anyway). Those shows are also part of the thinking behind Ryan Murphy’s forthcoming Glee.

“We’re not going to be caught up in nostalgia,” producers said. “The original was a great touchstone – our goal is to use it and spring forward from it.”

The original series was a teen phenomenon during the 1970s. Cassidy was a superstar, even touring to Australia and performing at the MCG. VH1 recently turned The Partridge Family into a 2004 reality show: In Search of the Partridge Family. That featured original cast members Shirley Jones, David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce as mentors. Amongst other faded spin-offs there was also a behind the scenes telemovie, Come on Get Happy from Bonaduce’s viewpoint.

Source: Variety


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