City Homicide v Brownlow

Viewers in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth are getting a repeat of Seven's crime drama next week. Guess why.

Next week Seven has programmed a repeat of City Homicide in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

It will repeat an episode featuring Vince Colosimo from 2007.

Viewers in Sydney and Brisbane will see a new episode instead.

Of course Monday is the same night that Network TEN has The Brownlow Medal in the same three cities. Last year when the event was screened by Seven it attracted 1.4m viewers.

As yet Seven hasn’t indicated if those three cities are likely to catch up to viewers in Sydney and Brisbane.

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  1. To loz: Sydney and Brisbane will get their coverage of Brownlow Medal next week, but at a late time of 1am Tuesday (September 23). If you have Fox Sports, you can see a replay of the Brownlow at 11.30pm next Monday.
    Highlights of Primetime Emmy Awards will be on Ten in Sydney and Brisbane at 9.30pm next Monday.

  2. Nothing against Vince Colosimo, he’s a great actor, but he’s getting more exposure than a streaker on Grand Final day right at the moment what with Underbelly in Melb, Scorched a few weeks ago, and a new series coming up on SBS.

  3. Douglas, it’s not the same ep they repeated prior to the olympics, it’s another episode Vince Colossimo appeared in.

    Apparently we wont be getting a double ep to catch up either, rather Bris/Syd will be thrown a random rpt in a couple of weeks which is pretty stupid of 7.

  4. Scott, that’s idea is just silly. What they have done is just common business sense. There’s a chance they could lose lots of viewers to the Brownlow and they might follow on affect during the weeks following on. It’s compltely understandable.

  5. I don’t recall them saying Burn Notice wouldn’t be on next week, bastards.

    Since i don’t care about brownlow or city homicide i’m free from TVs enslaving radiation for an hour after media watch. YAY.

  6. lol Scott, I think 9 sould be found guilty for having an entire schedule of repeats.

    As long as we get a double ep to catch up I dont mind, and i’ll be able to watch the brownlow without switching the channel back and forth now.

  7. I wouldn’t go that far to legislate against that Scott, but it is pretty stupid. Either show a repeat in all states, or a new episode in all states. However certainly legislate against anti competitive practices to start shows on time, for their own good before more people switch off.

  8. Well, Seven should be very, very careful. A torrent of City Homicide is now turning up each Monday night on a VERY mainstream-popular TV torrents site within hours of it airing.

    Absolutely stupid move from Seven, by the way. They’re so obsessed with the numbers the Boredomfest O’ The Year will get that they’re prepared to piss off loyal viewers of their top drama. Idiots. I expect to see BIG numbers on the City Homicide torrent next week 🙂

    News to Seven: quite a lot of people have zero interest in a bunch of bogans counting medal points for kicking a ball. Sorry if that’s sacrilege, footy bogans.

  9. The ACCC should really consider investigating the anti-competitive practices of televsion programmers. By not scheduling nw product against new product they are essentially stating that they do not wish to compete.

    I think it goes far enough to be considered collusion when the shared AFL television rights are taken into consideration. Channel Seven should be forced to compete against Ten in these scenarios even if it means legislating that they must do.

    New programming must be scheduled against new programming.

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