Delta on Letterman

Delta gets a guernsey on Dave tonight. But all the talk is about John McCain cancelling.

The Late Show with David Letterman should be worth catching tonight for a number of reasons.

Firstly “our Delta” is on the show, which as we all know is a rare opportunity indeed.

David Letterman says the Republican presidential candidate cancelled at the last minute, claiming he had to leave town to deal with the financial crisis. Instead Grey’s Anatomy Chandra Wilson stepped into the breach.

But as Letterman found out during the taping, McCain was doing an interview with Katie Couric at the same time. “You don’t suspend your campaign,” Letterman said.

“Do you suspend your campaign? No, because that makes me think, well, you know, maybe there will be other things down the road – if he’s in the White House, he might just suspend being president. I mean, we’ve got a guy like that now!”

Letterman even showed images of the Couric interview live during his show.

Get set for a series of long-running gags on this one, folks…

It airs tonight at 11:15pm on TEN.

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  1. I’ve always preferred Letterman over Leno, but I don’t mind watching either. I’ve got all of Delta’s albums, I quite like her stuff, but I’m not too sure about her live performances. She always leaves me…underwhelmed. At first I thought it may have been because things always sound different through TV/computer, but having actually heard her live-live, it was kind of worse.

  2. Some stats came out yesterday for the third quarter:

    Show – Network – A25-54 Demo – Total Viewers
    Tonight Show – NBC – 1.97M – 4.63M
    Nightline – ABC – 1.41M – 3.06M
    Late Show – CBS – 1.30M – 2.94M

    Letterman has usually been second to Leno for over a decade now. In fact, I believe Letterman used to lead until Hugh Grant made his appearance on Leno, post-hooker……that’s at least one of the captions at the end of ‘The Late Shift’. Letterman does tend to get most of the critical praise though, if Emmy noms over the last 4-5 years are anything to go by.

    Personally, I’ve loved Letterman right from the first showing in 1994 on Ch 9. I’m 29 now and still love checking in most nights to see what Letterman is up to…..love the respect 10 shows it, scheduling wise.

  3. Watched it last night on Arena, and she was great… if you were an Aussie, knew who she was and knew how she performed. For Americans who may not have seen her perform before, they might have been put off by the all-over-the-place nature of the performance.

    As for the McCain debacle… Geez, Letterman rammed his message home, didn’t he! I think he might have mentioned a few too many times, but he’s right. Get Sarah Palin to do some of your work – or are you too scared of what she’ll do? (Apologies for Political jibe)

  4. I missed the performance on tv but watched it on YouTube – good god!
    It was just woeful – at times she sounded like a cat drowning.
    I love Delta but a lot of her tv live performances are so pitchy & out of tune.

  5. Thank you David for posting this. It was mentioned on Ten News at Five today as well (but was overshadowed by McCain’s non-appearance). Hopefully more people will watch the show tonight (including many who haven’t seen the Late Show before).

  6. Delta is promoting her new album in the US, which was released over there in July, reaching #116 on the Billboard Top 200 and #1 on the Billboard Top 100 Heetseekers Chart. Which is pretty good under hardly any promotion (except for Letterman and The View) and being reletively unknown in the US. I reckon shes doing pretty well, her latest single “I Cant Break It My Heart reached #13 on the ARIA charts and shes touring in January next year.

  7. Delta suffers from the “I” tick., both in her music and in her media presentation. Count the amount of times she says “I” next time in an interview. “I thought….”, “I feel….”, “I think…” and even in her music EVERY single songs lyric is written from the first person perspective. Its always I… Me….. My…… (hey that’s a Beatles song!)
    I wonder what she is promoting on Letterman? Did she get a guest spot on 90210 or something?
    Well, Delta has milked pretty much what she can from the local Music industry, for now at least (theres always best ofs and reunion stuff in the years to come) and she is still so very young with a lot ahead of her. Finding longevity in the US industry isn’t exactly easy. And her approval rating in the UK is awful right now.
    She needs to gear down on the super nice angle and put a sprinkle of attitude in there, and stop with the Oprah like self empowering statements all the time!!

  8. Don’t know if Delta has the it factor for the yanks i men she is heaps talented and all but they kind of like trashy and smutty at the moment. She might have to change her style. I think she’s a little too desperate for american fame though.

    Let your music do the talking.

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