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The US version of Kath & Kim will be available for free download from iTunes a week before its US launch. But not in Oz.

Updated: The American version of Kath and Kim will be released for free download on iTunes a week before it hits US airwaves next month -but not in Australia.

An article in the Daily Telegraph, which suggested Australian iTunes customers could see the remake before American TV viewers, neglected to note that Australians cannot access the US iTunes store with an Australian-based account.

Apple also announced this week that NBC would offer the free season debuts of four other series – Knight Rider, My Own Worst Enemy, Lipstick Jungle and Life – to iTunes in the US.

The development comes after NBC Universal reached a deal with computer giant Apple to sell its series through iTunes. Other shows such as The Office, Heroes and Battlestar Galactica would be available for US$2.50 an episode.

Jeffrey Zucker, NBC Universal chief executive, said the network had signed the Apple deal after reaching an agreement that programs would be sold at differing price-points – including US99-cents ($A1.24) for older shows.

“What happened a year ago is, we got into a dispute over pricing and we thought there should be variable pricing on the television content on the iTunes store,” Zucker said.

“When they didn’t want to, we withdrew content.

“The fact is, we have variable pricing (now).

“So basically we were able to achieve our goal that not all content should be of the same value.”

Source: Daily Telegraph

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  1. So I guess these shows will only be available from the US iTunes so you have to be in the US to access them?

    Any new on if or when it will come here, either on TV or iTunes

    Also what happened to the original, will ch7 air it this year?

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