Ernie Dingo calls Kyle “a commercial wanker”

A radio interview between Ernie Dingo and Kyle Sandilands goes pear-shaped following an audio intro with the phrase "a dingo's got my baby."

A radio interview today to promote Outback Wildlife Rescue descended into name-calling today, as Ernie Dingo called Kyle Sandilands “a commercial wanker.”

Sandilands, on his 2DAY.FM show with Jackie O, retorted by saying, “what a c**khead, you turned out to be… get out of here, I’m not interested.”

Dingo, who was a guest to promote his Seven Network show, was unimpressed with an audio grab during his introduction that said, “a dingo’s got my baby.”

He said he was there to promote the show and its caring of animals, and criticised Sandilands saying, “Basically, I think Kyle you’re a bit over the top, mate.”

“I don’t think you’ve cared for an animal in your life, mate.”

“Like your promo you put on, that ‘A dingo took my baby’ – that’s character assassination as far as I’m concerned towards me.

“Your game is to sensationalise things and you’re just basically a commercial wanker.”

Sandilands, who said he never believed a dingo was responsible for the Azaria Chamberlain disappearance, said he didn’t edit the audio.

“You know better than that mate,” said Sandilands.

The interview ended abruptly thereafter.

You can hear the exchange here.

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  1. You can still hear The Vines and Frenzal tracks on most radio stations, The Vines label has been spending a lot of dough lately on the those guys and they are all over the place right now, as for Frenzal, well it isn’t Kyle that got them banned, it was Jackie with a strong backing after the Frenzal Gig incident where Jackie rocked up late. But again the guys can still be heard on the JJJ both in song and voice. The stuff Frenzal play isn’t really commercial radio friendly anyways. Besides, the days of radio play dictating sales/exposure are sharply declining.

  2. Did someone say “Kyle Sandilands”?


    Kyle is quite possibly the worst person on TV. He ruined ‘Big Brother’ – or rather “buried the casket”, and is doing the same with ‘Idol’. GET HIM OFF!

    And good on ya, Ernie!

  3. That’s the first time I have heard Kyle and O. How did they even get on air. Jackie O, has the radio presence of a deflated rubber doll. Truly, I have first year Media Students with better presence than that. Kyle is a first class wanker. and Ernie is right. Kyle is only there to promote sensationalist rubbish. Binary Oppositions and limited scope arguments.

  4. He is a commercial wanker. A tryhard shock-jock at best.

    The guy gets a rise out of controversy. He seems to have a great deal of pulling power, no pun intended, with the Austereo network. I don’t like the fact that he got two of Australia’s well known indie bands, Frenzal Rhomb and The Vines, banned from airing, due to Jackie O’s stupidity and ignorance.

    I wish they would both take a hike. Seriously!

  5. I have no clue what Ernie was on about. Kyle can be a bit abrasive sometimes, sure, but he was behaving fairly decently towards Ernie (and the Lindy Chamberlain intro was the sort of throwaway thing that you often find on commercial radio, nothing to get upset about). Ernie really came off the worse in that encounter as far as I’m concerned.

  6. Kyle is a complete prat!!! I can’t bear him, I do not watch or listen to him (I live in Sydney!), and I wish more people would do the same, so their ratings would plummet and get him off the radio and television. He’s so far up himself it’s not funny!

  7. Craig — Oh yes, I know – and I understand that! The only reason I even read the comments there, was because I popped in to have a listen to the actual tape. There were a few comments from people who understood Ernie’s reaction, which was refreshing to see. I don’t know if they were K&J fans, or people like myself who wanted to hear the mind-blowing altercation firsthand, and spent more time on the site than they should have though!

  8. I love how the clip is promoted on their 2Day site… as if they are going to present an unbiased view of the event… The interview certainly went downhill fast, but surely people would realise that if you want to seriously promote something that you wouldn’t do it on the Kyle and Jackie O show…

  9. Ernie was really out of line
    i heard it and thought he was over the top about it
    kyle and jackie had no clue what the grab was going to be,
    seriously, they wait for the interview to here it
    and it was meant to be more humorous
    it was actually funny hearing callers opinions of it

    and ‘C’, if they are the bogans, how come they have had 2 consecutive years at the top of the radio morning fm ratings?

  10. Skye, you would expect the bulk of people on the 2day FM site to side wtih Kyle, thats the station they broadcast on and you wouldnt really be going to that site unless you either liked Vile and Jackie Ho or the station, saying that, they are certainly trying to lead opinons, this caption under the picutre on the main page almost tells people what to think:

    ‘What did Kyle do that got Ernie so worked up, he called Kyle a wanker? Listen to the jaw dropping audio and tell us if you think Ernie completely over reacted.’

    it basically says they dont want to hear from you if you thik their ‘star’ (and I use the term very loosely) was in the wrong!

  11. Sure Kyle is a wanker… but Ernie knew that before he went on the show to peddle his show that obviously he is taking a liiiiittle bit too seriously… much like he obviously does with his stage name.

  12. How can you people take Ernie’s side on this?

    Kyle, although usually a wanker, was being entirely friendly to Ernie about his new show. It’s people like Kyle & Jackie O who get people to watch these shows in the first place!

    Ernie seemed disinterested in the interview from the get go. Kyle did absolutely nothing wrong, the producers are responsible for ‘the dingo ate my baby’ (which, mite I add, was all in good spirits and was by no means meant to insult).

    Ernie was acting like a complete fool, and it’s him that kept firing away at Kyle, not vice versa.

    If he wanted to promote his show he would have been more mature about it.

    He did this on Dancing With the Stars and now on he has done it on 2DayFM. I agree with Kyle wholeheartedly. What a ****head you turned out to be Ernie.

  13. Daniel — a little player automatically started the interview for me, when I clicked on David’s link. (I’m using a MacBook and Camino browser) Hopefully any glitches will be ironed out for you, the next time you try!

    The majority of people on that site are saying that Ernie over-reacted this morning. My feeling is that Kyle most likely knew what the promo ditty was (even if he wasn’t the one who created it), and knew that he would catch Ernie on the defensive – which he did.

    Kyle feeds off his own self-importance and from making people feel uncomfortable. He achieved all of that, and then some, with this interview. I understand why Ernie reacted the way he did. I probably would have done the same – that is, if I ever allowed myself to be within a bee’s thingy of the man.

  14. He is a wanker for sure…kyle i mean…someone needs to bring him down a peg or two…i would say he is an insecure person and with the amount of coke he tells people he drinks and other stuff he eats (that i have read in an interview with him) he will be dead by 40!

  15. Ernie hit the nail on the head, Kyle is an absolute wanker, Not since Naomi Robson has any TV personality boiled my blood in the way he does…The thing that annoys me about him though is that hes happy to spout forth his opinion on pretty much everything but if anyone dares answer back or express their view he does things like, in this case, hang up on them..Thanks god I dont live in Sydney where there breakfast radio show is broadcast..

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