Ernie Dingo calls Kyle “a commercial wanker”

A radio interview between Ernie Dingo and Kyle Sandilands goes pear-shaped following an audio intro with the phrase "a dingo's got my baby."

A radio interview today to promote Outback Wildlife Rescue descended into name-calling today, as Ernie Dingo called Kyle Sandilands “a commercial wanker.”

Sandilands, on his 2DAY.FM show with Jackie O, retorted by saying, “what a c**khead, you turned out to be… get out of here, I’m not interested.”

Dingo, who was a guest to promote his Seven Network show, was unimpressed with an audio grab during his introduction that said, “a dingo’s got my baby.”

He said he was there to promote the show and its caring of animals, and criticised Sandilands saying, “Basically, I think Kyle you’re a bit over the top, mate.”

“I don’t think you’ve cared for an animal in your life, mate.”

“Like your promo you put on, that ‘A dingo took my baby’ – that’s character assassination as far as I’m concerned towards me.

“Your game is to sensationalise things and you’re just basically a commercial wanker.”

Sandilands, who said he never believed a dingo was responsible for the Azaria Chamberlain disappearance, said he didn’t edit the audio.

“You know better than that mate,” said Sandilands.

The interview ended abruptly thereafter.

You can hear the exchange here.

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  1. Ernie was offside from the moment he came on air. Kyle was friendly to him and seemed genuinely interested. I don’t think Ernie wanted to be there. I used to think Kyle was a complete wanker, but after listening to him the last year or so I’ve changed my mind. I think Ernie was way over the top and if he didn’t expect Kyle and Jackie to have a bit of fun like they always do (as do most morning shows), he shouldn’t have agreed to the interview in the first place. Ernie, lets see some of the old Ernie that had a sense of humour.

  2. Just another example of poor attempts at humour being held more highly than an honourable man doing his job well and being pilloried for it. People who support toilet humour and the juvenile approach to serious journalism should pack up their blocks and go play with the little children while the adults who know when to laugh and when to be adults can get on with doing something meaningful in a fun way.

    As for those who made a case for Mr Sandilands and the wider media’s appeal to the masses, think on what Mark Twain said – “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect “

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