Fans keep Burn Notice fire alive

TEN continues to make alterations to its programming regarding Burn Notice, but the news is good for fans.

Instead of early plans for a movie on Monday September 15 at 9:30pm, it will air another episode of the US action drama, with the episode, “Bad Blood.” This is the second last to have aired so far in America.

Next week of course the show is absent due to the 2 hour premiere of 90210. There were some unanswered questions about whether the show would return.

TEN had already done one backflip on Burn Notice after fans protested over a dumping last Monday. Changes to the schedule also had a knock-on effect to Torchwood, now locked in at 10:30pm for the first three weeks on TEN HD.

TEN will also have the Brownlow Medal later this month.

New eps of Burn Notice begin in the US on September 11th. Any chance it could be fasttracked guys?


  1. i love this show but since channel tens been playing the usual game of hide the tv show with it, any one who wants to watch it would be better off buying the dvd

  2. I am looking everywhere to find the tv schedule for burn notice but i can’t find it. I don’t think it is on tonight. Can anyone tell me when it is next on and where I can find it???

  3. Its the best show on TV in the US, after HOUSE, CRIMINAL MINDS and Law and Order Criminal Intent with Vincent Donofrio only. Burn Notice is terrific and you have to love the Irish connection Fi– Fiona the gun totting ex IRA beauty. Keep it on Australia, it just gets better!

  4. hey i managed to watch the last episode of burn notice but i can’t find when it will be on again. can you tell me when next it is on and or where i can find a schedule of it???

  5. Hey

    I am quite a fan of burn notice and have been following it on the Monday 8:30 slot. But it keeps been moved and I don’t know when it is on. I just looked to download it but rather support the show. Can you tell me when it is on or where I can find it?

  6. For gods sake Ten just finish the season of a tv show for once.

    I’m getting so sick of scheduling changes.

    If your not going to finish it in it’s dedicated timeslot then air it only on HD so people have at least have an option to watch it instead of annoying viewers to no end.

    Also whatever happened to Eureka?

  7. Double BN only did marginally better this week than The Break Up did last week. Ten should start the advertising blitz for 90210 so that their ratings get higher than the 650,000 mark on Monday nights after 8:30pm.

  8. but when it comes back in the US it is only coming back for two episodes from what I have heard so there will only be 9 episodes and the season then finishes off in january. so they should fast-track it coz it won’t last long, we won’t catch up to america so there will be no need for them to find any filler programs or anything so i don’t see why they wouldn’t just keep on going and show us everything that america is going to get.

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