First ‘Fall’ victim: Do Not Disturb

FOX’s new comedy Do Not Disturb starring Jerry O’Connell would appear to be the first victim of the US Fall Season yanked off air after its third episode and replaced with ‘Til Death (the same show Nine is bringing back next week).

A network spokesman insists the show isn’t officially cancelled, but in the US where shows are never moved around like Aussie programming, such treatment is seen as the death knell.

The Reveille produced comedy centres around the going-ons at a once-popular New York City hotel as seen through the eyes of its employees, with a pilot directed by actor Jason Bateman (Arrested Development). FOX didn’t help things by airing the second episode instead of the pilot, missing crucial set-ups.

Writer  Michael Ausiello said, “in a last ditch effort, the show’s production team recently sent a letter to a group of TV critics, asking that the show be given a second chance. They admitted that the premiere episode wasn’t very good and urged them to watch another.”

The series was recently announced as one of several new shows picked up by Foxtel.

UPDATED: Broadcasting&Cable confirms cancellation.

Source: Hollywood Reporter,


  1. FOX seem to be in just a tad bit of a pickle…what looked like extremely firm Fall plans have now been shot through…DND is dead, Til’ Death is almost there, Hole in the Wall has flopped, T:SCC has slumped massivly along with it’s Monday buddy Prison Break, whilst Fringe hasn’t gone on to deliever the big-bang numbers many were predicting it would receive….even House is down slightly this season (though it is screening an hour earlier, but even then….)

    Idol gets a revamp for the Winter, but they better hope thats this year’s Finale rise (Vs 07′) was a sign of better things to come
    They will most surely be hoping that 24 & Dollhouse can deliever the goods for them, or they will most surely suffer to a slightly improving CBS

  2. I have to say on Jerry O’Connel, I actually quite liked car poolers, i really think it got short changed. It was a pretty funny and clever show. Started out lame, but with the writers strike, nothing got a chance to prove itself if it wasn’t a hit from day one. At first i wasn’t sold, but i watched more episodes and liked it quite a lot.

    This… i tried watching the pre air screener.. i turned off. I watched the first episode.. which seemed different.. it was ok.. not much hope.. but i’d give it a chance, just because Jerry seems like a good guy from hearing him on Stern.

  3. Back to you was ok but nothing great. IMO Jerry O’Connell works best in a drama with comedic tinges such as Crossing Jordan. Don’t think a full on comedy suits him to be honest.

  4. I disagree with the producers, the first ep was hilarious. Fox have always had a bad track record with their sitcoms. I agree they shouldn’t have axed Back To You but in reality this show wasn’t as bad as the critics made it out to be. Oh well, I didn’t expect it to last long anyway. The real question is whether Fox will give Dollhouse decent time and resources to gather a strong fanbase.

  5. I saw the first ep (or if that the 2nd LOL) and it was okay but nothing special IMO, Jerry O’Connell can’t seem to get a break since Crossing Jordan ended, Last years Carpoolers didn’t last long either.

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