Gossip Girl back to Nine

After initally being on-sold by Nine to Foxtel, Gossip Girl is going to get a free to air broadcast after all.

Nine will screen the Josh Schwartz series sometime over summer.

FOX8 has already screened the full first season, one of its most popular drama series. It is likely to remain the home of first run eps for the series.

The second season premiered in the US this week, but so far no word on when it is due in Australia.

Nine’s selling of the series is not the first time it has on-sold acquisitions. The OC originally began life on Nine, but didn’t fire with the audience, despite TEN having a solid run with it. Nine also sold The West Wing to the ABC later in its lifespan.

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  1. i am stil checking the guide every day to see if it is going to be replayed but obviously channel nine has issues with playing a show that is fantastic… does anyone no how to contact channel nine cuase i would appreciate it soooo much!!!~

  2. It’s scheduling like this that force people to download programs instead of watch them at a regular time.

    Let’s face it, I’d rather schedule and record something weekly, instead of bottleneck my internet connection dowloading episodes that takes days – the speed and quality of the average internet plan is poor.

    There’s a guy a work who has 3 external hard drives on his desk full of downloaded programs that he lends out to people – all frustrated viewers who are tired of waiting years for popular overseas programs to arrive, tired of having episodes shuffled, tired of having entire programs cancelled after a few episodes.

    To the television programmers, the world’s viewing habits are changing. Catch up.

  3. Channel nine is abso-freaking-lutely useless, I could swear that station is run by a bunch of mentally deficient goldfish. It was bad enough that GG was put on at 10:30 (your ideal demograph are teens so putting the show on at this time was basically dooming it) but then it’s pulled off the air only 3 episodes in, what the hell were you thinking? Here is a basic equation for the fools at channel 9, it’s not that hard to figure out:

    good program + good time slot = high amount of viewers.

  4. Please, please, please tell me if i will ever be able to see another episode of Gossip Girls on Channel 9 this century. With all the rubbish on TV at the moment its the only show i have been looking forward to watching. Channel 9 stop tormenting us and giving us false hope, if your not going to screen it again than common sense would say don’t advertise it on the Holy Grail, aka TV Week….

  5. I feel better that its not only me being peed off that Nine stopped airing Gossip Girl. What on earth is going on? They first they put it in a bad timeslot 10:30pm and then after a couple of episodes, pulled it without warning for double episodes of ER. Argh! So frustrating. As a result I like many of you pondered searching for DVD of Season 1 in stores. Apparently its not scheduled for release yet.

    So I have decided the only option is to buy through Ebay, they’re European versions that may work on your dvd player but you have to check your manual.

  6. I’m glad it’s not just me who is frustrated with Nine. I got a Tivo in the hope that I would never miss an episode of my favourite shows, due to stations who randomly decide to reschedule a show without updating any of their online program guides. Even the Tivo didn’t know Gossip Girl wasn’t on. For episode three, Nine had ER run half an hour over time, and the Tivo only taped the first half of Gossip Girl because that is what the program guide said, so I missed the second half. Then last week, it recorded ER and Temptation under the name “Gossip Girl”.

    Before reading these comments, I had been cursing the Tivo. Now I know it is not the Tivo’s fault, but it is Channel Nine who is to blame. Get yourselves together and get it right, please, or we will be forced to never rely on your station again.

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