Hey Hey specials woo Daryl

Following on from TV Tonight’s story about Daryl Somers’ possible return to Nine (which was also picked up by the Courier Mail), today there is news he will host a “Best of” Hey Hey specials for Nine.

The Sunday Herald Sun notes that Somers was being courted by Foxtel to host a reunion special. But he turned it down after meeting Nine boss David Gyngell on Wednesday.

While no deal has been signed, it is believed the specials are being considered for Nine’s line-up next year.

Nine apparently heard of the Foxtel proposal and contacted Somers to entice him back.

Looking backwards with Somers would be an effective, and economic way to capitalise on Somers and Hey Hey nostalgia for possibly the same ratings as the expensive, risky move of producing a new version.

Nine yesterday issued a “no comment” statement when asked about Somers’ possible return.

Source: Sunday Herald Sun


  1. knoxoverstreet

    They have done a few best ofs previously. Showing complete shows on the digital channel is a great idea. If they did I’d be in heaven! At the moment I have to resort to clips on youtube.

  2. James, you obviously don’t remember just how awful Hey Hey got in its last few years. By the end it had degenerated into two hours of product placement and sponsor announcements with a few dick jokes thrown in.

    When it was axed, there were actually celebratory cheers from many. It had long passed its use-by date.

    People should be careful about looking at it through rose-coloured glasses now. Because it really is a show that’s best left in the past where it belongs.

  3. J Bar, It probably will be (in the vein of the four Hey Hey by Request specials, which were re-shown by Nine a few years back…) Also, Nine has a extra channel to fill out in 2009, so Daryl introducing retro episodes of Hey Hey could also be a smart move to draw people to the new SD digital channel. Nine may have been testing the waters with the “Australia’s Naughtiest Home Videos reairing” to see if that concept may work.

  4. Best news in ages! Perhaps Nine read my reply in the other thread! I’m hoping a “best of” means complete shows but I’d be happy with any Hey Hey back on tv. Welcome back to Nine Dazza we missed ya!

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