If it’s Thursday changes it must be AFL

Once again late time and match changes from the AFL affect other Seven programmes. But aggrieved fans of American Dad have been heard.

There are more changes for Seven scheduling this week, once again built around AFL finals and the league’s movable feast of time and match details.

Although American Dad is again out of schedule, Seven has taken steps to address its absence, by slating a Friday edition of the first episode bumped by AFL finals, “Haylias” (see, they do hear you!).

As with previous weeks these changes apply to Seven viewers in Melbourne. Adelaide and Perth viewers should check local guides.

Thursday Sept 18
7pm Home & Away
8pm Make me a Supermodel
9pm Ghost Whisperer “The Grave Sitter”
10pm Ghost Whisperer “Love Still Won’t Die”
11pm Family Guy “Former Life of Brian”

Friday Sept 19
7pm Better Homes and Gardens
8pm AFL: Geelong v Western Bulldogs
11:30pm American Dad “Haylias”

Saturday Sept 20
6:30pm Movie: One Fine Day
8:45pm Meet the Parents

Sydney and Brisbane viewers have no major changes to scheduling with AFL slated at 8:30pm Friday.

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5 Responses

  1. No they don’t hear us in Perth. As a big fan of American Dad, we yet again completely miss out.

    The 7 EPG has a handy 90 min slot at 10pm after the AFL where we could catch up with American Dad and what do they have? An “EARL-A-THON”…. somebody save us!

    Time to rent a DVD I think.

  2. I now check the digital channels’ EPGs and then come to this site to confirm no changes have been made before setting PVR timers, rather than refer to the Green Guide like I used to. That’s how useless these constant last-second programming changes have made printed guides.

    Aren’t the AFL match times set in stone though, David? They’re not just making it up as they go along. Something else must have triggered the decision to show it live rather than on a very small delay…

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