Kelly lands Wipeout role

Kelly Landry, former co-host of Million Dollar Wheel of Fortune, has scored a co-host role in the Australian version of Wipeout.

Landry has been filing stories for Getaway since the demise of the Nine game shows.

Wipeout has enjoyed considerable success on Nine, so much so that Nine is to begin shooting the local version at the same obstacle course in Argentina in six weeks time (if they are really practical, Landry could shoot some Getaway stuff while she’s in that neck of the woods).

The US version is hosted by two smarmy, sports-casters who make the show half the fun, but they don’t actually appear on the obstacle course. A female co-host is on location to grab vox pops, likely to be the role that Landry dons for Australian viewers.

Last week the show dropped in popularity, down from 1.4m to 1.1m. Nine will want to hurry these eps to screen before the novelty wears off.



  1. What a terrible choice! I find her delivery incredibly insincere and painful to watch. And ZERO sense of humor in anything she’s done at both 7 and 9.

    Did you see her on HITW – Disastrous!

    How can the exec’s at 9 not realise that a sense of humor and impro skills were the most important credentials?


    I can only hope that the two they hire for the commentary can hold the show. But with 9’s record – i’m not holding my breath.

  2. Probably not the best move by Nine here. Jill Wagner, who’s the female co-host of the US Wipeout, is an actor who’s experienced at both acting and with “stunt TV”. The “smarmy” male hosts are acting as well (one of them is an ESPN sports presenter and the other an E! Entertainment presenter) People do need to realise that Wipeout is – and was always intended to be – pure comedy, NOT “reality” TV. I really hope Kelly has a sense of humour.

    Whoever Nine hires for the hosting jobs, they’ll need to have the comedy chops to carry the show – because the hosts DO carry the show – and be able to do it straight-faced, none of this zaaaany Nine non-humour 🙂

    Rog & HG might well work. But I’m betting they go with a pair that’s much more Nine. In which case Jules Lund is sadly a real possibility. Or (shudder) Ben Dark.

    Josh, while I doubt they’ll stoop to doing the “celebrity” thing with Wipeout, it’s worth noting that Nine called for the pubic to audition for Hole In The Wall as well. And look how THAT one turned out 🙂

  3. Stephan Bayne,

    Nine is not doing this show with celebrities. They have been asking for the general public to audition for it.

    I do agree with Will about Roy and H.G but i strongly doubt it will happen. No idea who nine have on the books who could stand up as the hosts/commentators for this one. I dont Think Mr Lund is the man for the job.

    Any ideas??

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