Koch to host money crisis special

Seven has scheduled a last-minute special on the world financial crisis for this Sunday night.

Before he was Mel’s brekkie sidekick, or hosting choir sing-offs and cast reunions, David Koch was actually a financial expert.

As the financial world comes tumbling down around our eyes he returns to that role this Sunday for a late change by Seven to its evening line-up.

At 6:30pm he will host Your Money: How to Survive the Crisis of 2008. Aided by other experts, Koch will break down the week’s events and detail how it affects families, pensioners, students and investors.

It will be followed by The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie at 7pm and Outback Wildlife Rescue will be held over this week.

It’s smart of Seven to respond so quickly to this issue with a stand-alone special. Certainly 60 Minutes has been proving viewers do want some serious subjects, and there hasn’t been a bigger hot topic this week.

Press Release:
Petrol, interest rates and now the share market.

Australian families are doing it extremely tough with some experts even forecasting a recession.

What can we do to avoid disaster? How can you protect your money? Seven’s finance guru and Sunrise host David Koch will explain all this on Sunday night at 6.30pm in a LIVE not-to-be-missed special for Australian families called YOUR MONEY: HOW TO SURVIVE THE CRISIS OF 2008.

“Australians want answers,” says Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn. “They’re concerned, even scared. As the world braces for more financial shocks, this Seven News special will give the good news on how to hang on and survive.”

Teaming with a panel of experts, Kochie will break down the week’s events from Martin Place studios in Sydney and detail how it affects families, pensioners, students and investors.

Will super funds bounce back? Should mortgages be looking at fixed rate loans? And what can we do to cope with spiralling inflation?

We’ll have all the answers.


Sunday September 21 at 6.30pm on Seven.

The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie will follow at the special time of 7pm.

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  1. Koch & Meissa Doylel are the most offensive people on TV – only maybe Karl Stefanovic comes close.

    Melissa Doyle wins the “Mrs Mumsy” award for the worlds most twee and conservative woman and David wins the “middle aged man that sees a 20 year old guy looking back at him in the mirror” award.

    They are the most gross, insincere, unfunny people and I honestly believe anyone who likes them must have recently had a lobotomy.

    Koch actually thinks he is down with the kids, ha ha, yer right – a bald, middle aged economist – how could you be any cooler.

    Lets face it, all breakfast TV is aimed at the SUB 50 IQ set.

  2. Why not get both Kochie and Paul Clitheroe back as team to comment / advise on the financial crises. Practical advice and a more accurate window into the future. Please keep Mel out of it….no value there.

  3. This will simply be more lies to keep people from rightly moving there life savings (in some cases) out of the sharemarket and into the security of cash until this giant mess is over. Ask yourself, would a car salesman tell you not to buy one of his cars because it was faulty and then put himself out of business? Same goes with these “so called” financial experts that make a living through the sharemarket.

    People need to wakeup and realize that things are not as simple as mainstream western media portrays. The US government is bankrupt to the tune of 10’s Trillion of dollars and they are simply propping up the pyramid scheme, that is the over inflated housing and financial markets, with more worthless credit back up by nothing physical (fiat money). When the books eventually need to balance things are going to go very bad but by doing this “bailout scheme” they will not have to disclose the true figures till December, which by some amazing coincidence happens to be after the US elections…….

    Research people the internet is an amazing toll for finding the truth, remember it is your money that will be lost while the banksters will use it to make a fortune!

  4. Yes – not in any guides – and so only SEVEN viewers watching from Friday AM knew it was on.

    Kochie does have too much on … maybe it’s time to get a wise old hand back on the Money tiller?

    What is Paul Clitheroe doing now?

  5. Too bad for Seven the share market rebounded on Friday and staged a massive comeback! – It might pay off not to be so quick as to schedule such “one off” specials. Also, I agree with you Richard H, people are already reminded enough of their day to day financial struggles, so we don’t need any more reminders thankyou very much. I mean if people watch a good enough news service with a credible finance editor (not that I’m saying Kochie isn’t) there is no need for such a special as they’ll already be aware (or should be aware) of the financial struggles they’re likely to face as a result.

    Also, I must strongly disagree with you FangerA101, NO these people may not have physically “sweat a day in their lives”, BUT just because these people are NOW successful, does NOT mean they have no idea of doing it tough, these people have worked for years of their life to get where they now are, and finally their hard work is literally paying off! – Everyone has different interpretations and different views and I respect yours FangerA101 – Might I say though you seem to hold a massive grude over those who are successful and are benefiting from their years of hard work.

  6. Kochie and Mel are the best. I watch them frequently on weekdays (along with Today) before school when I eat. And Kochie hasn’t done much lately outside of Battle of the Choirs, Sunrise, and that short-lived Thank You show and I reckon he does it professionally and with a good atmosphere. Nat, Mel and the rest of the crew also do a good job and are entertaining, which is what I look for over being bored by the likes of other shows like David and Kim. People will always be jealous/angry at them because they are in the public eye, but that is rather irrelevant to everything. As for the judgements about their personal lives, that’s just ignorant and reflective of your own insecurities.

  7. Think it’s reasonable to stick to commenting on hosting skills rather than making judgements about whether hosts are “good people” or not. Surely that’s based on a lot more than workskills.

    That said, if Sunrise or Today are not your cuppa, at least the ABC’s news-oriented Breakfast is coming next month.

  8. Sorry Ben-O!! The Nanny is not the grandmother, and if you could just hear Mel talk about putting on one of her Dinner Partys and what ‘helper’ does what job.
    If your trying to say that Mel is miss suburbia 2008, you know your wrong.
    And as far as charity benefits (bwahwha!) and the odd social engagement Mel does have a designated stylist, ffs, Kerrie Anne does, and if that err person has one then you know the other hosts have kicked up and asked for one.Getting up at 7am and watching these morons is like an insult on a hard workng persons intelligence. You know they don’t give a crap about you and they would stop pretending they do in a second if there pay was cut… Lets not pretend these hosts are good people okay?

  9. Mel’s “stylist” works in the wardrobe department for channel 7 she helps pick-out the wardrobe for both nat and mel for what they where on Sunrise. And the “nanny” who looks after her children sometimes is the children’s biological grandmother. Mel has said this on many occassions.

  10. why bother ? we already know how it effects us day to day. It’s just another way to highlight koch and his financial brain. I mean really people struggling don’t need to be reminded of what is happening to us. These days most people have no money after bills and food. The prices have been sky high for ages.

    Koch is overexposed these days it’s getting a bit much. I think he has a hero complex! Anyway the stock market is rebounding.

  11. Dave, do you watch the show? Mel talks about her Nanny and her “helper” around the house, not to mention her caterers, personal nutritionist and stylist/tailor, Koshie has mentioned ‘drivers’, ‘extra help’ and his ‘gardener’ ( it was like he really wanted to name their nationality as well!)
    I know you have visited these places and are chummy and all, but you have to call a spade a spade, these wooden talking head hosts, Stefanovic, Koshie, Kerrie Anne, Mel the Current Affairs Twins, they try relate to everyday people but couldn’t be more out of touch than any facet of society. They talk about the US with a glimmer in their eyes thinking one day they will hit it big. They can be so conservative its sickening, not to mention the pure plasticity and ‘cringe-worthy’ attempts at natural levity.
    These peeps have never sweat a day in their lives and their idea of doing it tough would be waiting till next Tax season to add another room or two to the house 🙂 Not that having dosh is bad but don’t try pretend your on the everyday persons side and patronize so much lol. Kerrie Anne is by far the worst offender, I nearly laughed out loud when I saw her debating a bunch of other ladies on the positive benefits of cosmetic surgery. KA was in the middle of explaining why aging naturally is out-of-date, when she said ‘sometimes its better to look good than feel good’ it kinda summed up the essence of these ‘caring’ hosts 🙂

  12. What salary is Koshie on? 2 mill? 3 mill a year?? And this guy tries to relate to everyday people when he and his evil co host Mel have nanny’s and maids?
    Koshie, not all of us have this desire to have a giant bank account and no lust for life 🙂 Work, play and as long as my bills are payed then back of Koshie! lol
    Who do you think gets more out of these little financial escapades he goes on? Us or him?

  13. Yes I remember Money … hosted by Paul Clitheroe.

    It was number one show on NINE (of all shows on air) 1993 – 1995.

    It then stayed in the Top10 for the next few years … and was still in the Top 20-odd shows (rating about 1.5M – a great number today) when it went off-air in 2001.

    When it was rating VERY well in 1993 (2M+) … Australia was in the middle of the Recession We Had To Have.

    By 2001 … everyone’s car ash-tray was overflowing with change and it wasn’t compulsory viewing anymore.

    Let’s get Clitheroe back? He really knew what he was talking about back then … and I reckon he’d have an opinion on what it all means now I’m sure?

  14. Hate’s a strong word buddy. I think it’s more of him being around all the time, like he’s the only host they can scrap out. This is his alley and his strength, he rants on about finances all the time on Sunrise, so it’ll make him happy to tell us about our struggles….. I remember Money. Didn’t they can that one years ago?

    Off-topic, but I also remember they had Sex Life too for a while too. Bahahaha.

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