Launching your inner Bogan

Bogan Pride had its launch last night in Melbourne, screening two episodes to an invited audience at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Federation Square.

In the crowd were cast and crew, family and friends, Adam Zwar and Jason Gann (both of Wilfred), John Safran, cabaret performer Eddie Perfect, Brian Mannix, choreographer Tony Bartuccio and Caroline Gilmer (Underbelly).

In fitting with the theme of the night, there were chocolates, assorted sweets and cupcakes on hand.

Creator, writer and star Rebel Wilson seemed pretty pleased with the reception, and well she should be. Along with producers Tony Ayres (pictured with Wilson), Michael McMahon and director Peter Templeman, she’s put together a bright little series that champions the underdog. Not a bad feat at such a young age.

This is a 6 part comedy clearly designed to be a cult treasure, complete with musical numbers. It isn’t hard to see that for Wilson, it’s been a labour of love. But it’s also bound to be controversial, with several gags pushing the bounds of decency. So if you like comedy that doesn’t play it safe this could be one for you.

Bogan Pride also features several newcomers who put in promising performances (full review to follow later).

The show will later be released on DVD, with a CD of songs and a “school annual” book penned by Wilson.

It launches 9pm Monday October 6 on SBS.


  1. This is a flop before it starts. It will come & go without anybody noticing.(other than this blog for some reason) Meanwhile, Double the Fist is all but gets ignored.

  2. I was lucky enough to see the first two episodes at the launch last night and have to say I came away feeling a little disappointed.
    I am a big fan of Australian comedies [even more so comedies that involve bogans], and I’m also a huge fan of musicals, so naturally I was quite excited to finally see what Bogan Pride was like.
    Whilst it had some pretty funny moments, and some decent comic performances [Lulu McClatchey is definately one of the stand outs], it really was just an excuse to fill half an hour with fat jokes and other tasteless humour. Don’t get me wrong I love a bit of crude humour, but this show somehow managed to make it feel almost a little nasty and somewhat juvenile. Maybe that was the idea and I’m missing the whole point. Who knows!
    As for the musical numbers as episode bookends, I really think the show could have worked better without them …and thats saying something considering I love musicals!
    I still think Rebel should be congratulated for getting this show up and running. It’s not the most intelligent or well written comedy but it does have some fun moments and I’m sure it will find an audience.

  3. Rebel is such an amazing talent and I hope this show goes really well for her and SBS. For those who criticize some of the earlier work: she was not in charge of those shows so you can’t hold her responsible…I’ve seen her perform her own material on stage and its been exceptional.

  4. to be blunt, she’s not funny. Bogan shows are hot at the moment but i’d like to see a real family aussie bogan show without the singing rubbish. Let’s see a real aussie family in a tough situation get through day to day instead of this glamorised version.

  5. The DVD has been rated MA15+ for “Strong sexual references and themes” so I very much doubt that it will be suitable for the faint of heart. 😉

    I’ll check out the first episode or two, but I absolutely despise musicals so I’m not sure if I’ll respond well to this. 😛

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