Lost in the 80’s

Wonder Years' creator Bob Brush has his creative sights set on a dramedy about life during the 80s.

We went back to the fifties in Happy Days, the sixties in the rather wonderful Wonder Years, the seventies in That 70s Show and now we may flashback to the eighties in Lost in the 80s.

Writer-producer Bob Brush, who created The Wonder Years, is to make a half hour dramedy, described as Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets The Ice Storm -two wildly different takes on the era.

Brush won an Emmy for his writing The Wonder Years which aired for six seasons.

Arrested Development‘s Mitch Hurwitz, currently developing an animated series from the live version of Aussie sitcom Sit Down Shut Up will also produce.

Break out your hypercolor t shirt, throw on some Duran Duran and get me Molly Ringwald!

Source: Hollywood Reporter,

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