Matthew White to anchor Today Tonight

Seven will return a male anchor to Today Tonight when sports presenter Matthew White replaces Anna Coren, it has been announced.

He will be the first male presenter in for the programme since Stan Grant vacated the chair for Naomi Robson in 2000.

The announcement of White for the role is a surprise name, most of the rumours were looking elsewhere as to Coren’s replacement, with many tipping Samantha Armytage would take the role. Most recently White was part of Seven’s Olympic team, filling in on Sunrise, presenting sports on Seven’s Sydney bulletin and comprising part of the short-lived NightCap team on 7HD.

He had a long role with Network TEN on Sports Tonight.

Seven’s David Leckie said White would “add a new dimension” to the evening current affairs show.

“He is familiar to millions of Australians through his network commitments, is part of a Logie Award winning team at 7 Sport and is undeniably one of the more versatile on-air people,” he said.

Leckie said White had “done a brilliant job” since he joined the network as sports presenter in 2004.

“He has been outstanding in his prime time anchor roles on our major sports event coverage and tremendous in his recent stints on Sunrise. He’ll do a great job for us.”

White said he was looking forward to the challenge: “I’m very excited about joining Today Tonight and working with such a successful public affairs team,” he said.

Seven had recently spoken to Nine’s Karl Stefanovic about the position.

Press Release:

Matthew White is to anchor Today Tonight.

White replaces Anna Coren who has resigned to take a new role with CNN in Hong Kong.

Commenting on Anna’s decision to pursue her career overseas, Peter Meakin, Seven’s head of news and public affairs, said: “Anna is a talented and ambitious reporter. After two triumphant years at Today Tonight, she’s set her sights elsewhere. I wish her continued good fortune in her career and thank her sincerely for her professionalism, sometimes in difficult circumstances. Anna is an asset to any news organisation and I know she’ll do herself proud.”

The CEO of Seven Media Group, David Leckie, said: “Matthew has done a brilliant job for us over the past four years. He’s been outstanding in his primetime anchor roles on our major sports event coverage, including the Olympic Games, and tremendous in his recent stints on Sunrise. He’ll do a great job for us across primetime.

“He’s familiar to millions of Australians through his network commitments, is part of a Logie Award winning team at 7 Sport and is undeniably one of the more versatile on-air people on television. He’s going to add a new dimension to Today Tonight and our network,” Leckie said.

White said: “I’m very excited about joining Today Tonight and working with such a successful public affairs team. In my time as a journalist, I’ve interviewed so many people – from the man in the street to footballers and Olympians to Prime Ministers. It’s a great job. To play such a significant role in Seven’s sports coverage including the recent Olympic Games coverage continues to be a privilege. I am looking forward to the next challenge.

“I am glad my role with the network has developed since I joined as sports presenter in 2004. Over the past four years, Seven has vastly expanded its sports coverage and I am pleased that I will continue my involvement in sport as I move across to hosting Australia’s most watched public affairs programme. This is a great job and I am up to the challenge.”

In addition to his expanding network role in public affairs, White will continue to play a key role in Seven’s coverage of major events, including the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open Tennis Championships, the Wallabies’ test campaign and V8 Supercars.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. HI Matt,
    I would like to make a comment about your dancing in the recent dance show on Channel 7.

    I really thought you should have won that competion, as both my wife and myself considered you to be the best by far. I just cannot work out how you did not win. In our eyes and in the eyes of others, you were the winner.
    Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, but I was rushed off to hospital emargency by ambulance Sunday afternoon and have only just returned home. Lucky I had recorder set up so it recorded the program which I watched today.
    Wishing you all the best.

  2. I wonder how this will play outside of Sydney – apart from the Olympics, Matthew White has been off the radar in the rest of Aus for the past four years ever since he quit Sports Tonight!

    Having said that – I’ll be curious to see how he goes so I’ll probably watch.

  3. i think this is a great choice! i love Matty White! Good Luck Matty! I just hope it doesnt ruin his sports roles.. I personally think he brings alot to Sevens sports telecasts!

    Just another note though! Everyone keeps mentions how hopefully the content on Today Tonight will change now too, correct me if im wrong but TT is getting great ratings and winning its timeslot. Do readers of this blog actually expect Seven to change a format that is working other then the host? I dont think so! Personally i too h8 the stuff ACA & TT cover! But if it aint broke, and the ratings would suggest its not, dont fix it! well thats my opinion!

  4. Matt will give me a reason to watch TT again. I do occasionally, but now i can probably watch full time :p

    Will he still be doing the Seven News Sports though? I like the Seven News team, Ian Ross, Matt White, and Sara Groen. I hope that doesnt change. Though it’ll have to with TT going on straight from Seven News. Thats sad 🙁

  5. Finally someone I can drool over if the stories aren’t worth watching, which will mean alot of drooling… rofl
    Those cheeks really need to be pinched, which cheeks I’m talking about i’ll leave that for you to decide ….. lol
    The Dame

  6. It’s not like the host of the show really does anything beyond “serious face while reading autocue”. It’s not a great challenge.

    If he actually gets to have some influence on what kind of things they investigate, maybe he’d try to throw in some proper journalism, instead of limp tabloid scandals all the time. But I suspect he will never have that power, or would try that even if he did.

  7. Wow that’s a surprise. he sounds like he will do a good job, we don’t have a reason not to trust david leckie, he usualy makes good decision.

    i just wonder how all of the bra storys will travel.

    will sam still do the summer?

  8. That has got to be the shock of 2008 – where did Matthew White come from?!?
    He’s a fantastic sports host, but im not too sure about TT….it’ll either fly or die, and w will find that out quite quickly
    Hopefully he gets some actual ‘news’ stories to start reporting on rather than the current crap being used
    It’s one bold move by Seven

  9. Whilst Matthew is a great addition to Today Tonight, he would make a far bigger impact by replacing that dreadful and egotistical David Koch from Sunrise permanently. Matty did a fabulous job as the male co-host of Sunrise making it watchable again. Koch (and to some extent Doyle), has fallen off the mark big time making themselves dreary and preachey. I now actively avoid any show that Koch hosts as I do not need to be lectured.

    Matthew was a breath of fresh air.

  10. interesting, seven clearly expect Karl Stefanovic to be in the ACA chair next year I would say…I take it Anna remains til the end of November and then Matt moves in next year?

  11. Well seven makes a shock move going for a male host again.Good luck to Matt,l think he will be a good host of TT.So now put Mark beretta back at sports newsdesk for 6.00pm news.So what are sevens big plans then for Samantha A rmytage then,wonder if seven will give her more duties considering her new contract was doubled in pay????

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