Nine has The Hills

There are rumours today that Channel Nine has picked up the rights to The Hills, for a likely summer airing.

A spin-off of MTV’s Laguna Beach, it documents the life of Lauren Conrad and her friends in Los Angeles after leaving her home in Laguna Beach, California.

Entertainment Weekly dubbed the show a “New Classic” and ranked it number 82 on their list of The 100 Best Shows of the Last 25 Years.

Criticism has been levelled that the show is not reality with unscripted scenes set up specifically for filming. In an interview, Lauren Conrad defended The Hills by stating “the show is real, albeit edited to create a storyline.” Shock, horror.

The show has had 4 seasons since 2006.



  1. will be interesting to see timeslot Nine adopts for this.

    Surprised Ten did not grab it for 7pm slot , work well with their demographics.
    It anything like Laguna Beach, it will be a laugh and great chance for brain to have break whilst watching ‘meaningless teens think they own the world just because they are on tv and have money.

  2. You can already legally watch the first four seasons on or buy the DVDs of the first two seasons just about anywhere… why would anyone want to watch it now, especially on Nine!?

  3. If this news is true, it’s an interesting move by Nine.

    MTV has screened all 4 seasons I think – to a very targeted audience. And I would have thought that most people that wanted to watch this show would have found it on MTV and done so by now. It’s odd to see a network picking up a cable series that’s already aired on cable.

    That said, I think what we are seeing here – is Nine’s focus on targeting younger demos. We’ve seen strong evidence of it this year with “Hole in the Wall” “Wipeout” “2.5 Men” “Fringe” “Farmer wants a Wife” etc. Nine has realised the money is with the younger viewers, and they need to lower the average age of their viewer. They’ve been very successful, and are now the 2nd youngest network after Ten. I think they are #1 in 25-54 and are #1 in 18-49 many nights. Seven is third.

    I think over summer Nine is going to go really young with “The Hills” “Gossip Girl” “Chuck” “Pushing Daises” etc.

    Nine’s realised that it can’t just be about the total viewing numbers now. They have to put aside the idea of being obsessed with being #1 (in total viewers) and chase being #1 in 25-54. That’s how they will make money. And with CVC counting the coin……that’s Nine’s number one priority now.

  4. This doesn’t fit Nine’s demographic, and I doubt it will work.

    I’ve seen the first three seasons, and a few episodes from the fourth season and I’m addicted to the show. Although, I doubt I’ll re-watch it this Summer when it airs.

  5. Yet another show that Nine has picked up that doesn’t fit their demographic, should be on Ten and will no doubt be discarded after a day of showing it at midnight….

  6. John (Different)

    No Ten was playing Laguna Bitch.

    Look here’s the deal with these shows, unless you’re as vapid as the people on it then you won’t be able to watch it regularly.

    But if you’ve just come home from uni, school or work and are feeling absolutely drained and brain dead then this makes for a light half hour.

    Just don’t expect it to stir intellectual debate and conversation.

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