Nine sneaks a peek at Fringe

In case you didn't know Fringe was comin', Nine has three sneak peeks attached to other programming.

Hey who’s got a big new drama they really, really want you to know about? Nine.

That’s why they have slated three x two minute “Sneak Peeks” of Fringe between Sunday and its Wednesday premiere.

We’ll be getting them before and after key shows like 60 Minutes, Two and a Half Men and Wipeout.

Sunday 14th Sept
8:28pm following 60 Minutes

Monday 15th Sept
7:00pm before Two and a Half Men

Tuesday 16th Sept
8:28pm following Wipeout

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  1. It is the greatest moive ever and I recon it should be on every channel that there is I just love your movie infact im waching it now and I am loving. I love how long it goes for it is made for me and my brother. do you now what I should do if one of my frenids say that im an idot what should I do I still what to be her frenid.

  2. Channel 9 should be ashamed of themselves. The gimmick in the US are that episodes are 50 minutes long with less ads. Channel 9 not happy with this, are editing the show so it can still fit into one hour with the same number of ads.

    This is disgusting and it is no wonder that people are being forced to download the shows from the US.

  3. Benno, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been extremely dubious about watching it. It wouldn’t matter if it were on 7 or 10 either. They’d all do the same thing.

    I just wish there was an easier way to watch downloaded shows on my TV. You’re still too far away PS3.

  4. well since i don’t watch any of those 9 shows that had the sneek peek i set up by PVR to catch these sneak peaks, last night i set it to record from 8:25-8:40. plenty of padding, or so i thought, went to watch it and discovered that channel 9 was running so damn late that i only caught 20 seconds of it and was cut off- utterly ridiculous, way to grab viewers 9! pack of idiots.

  5. More saturation. It’s too much. I had already planned on watching it before I even knew which network it was going to be on. I’m sure most people know about these shows before they’re announced here so channel 9 are just wasting money and time.

  6. I noticed that Nine were advertising the show on the Sci-Fi channel. Pretty smart move. Obviously they are dieing for people to watch it and wanting a big overseas hit on their hands. Either way, I’ll give it a few weeks before it’s put into a late night spot. Yet another show that shouldn’t be on Nine….

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