Past Idols to hit Melbourne

It’s always a tradition for Australian Idol singers to make an appearance in Melbourne during Grand Final week, usually culminating with a performance at Federation Square (or even the game itself).

This year it’s being left to former alumni to wow the crowd. Ricki-Lee Coulter, Axle Whitehead, Dean Geyer & Jessica Mauboy will appear at Federation Square tomorrow (Wednesday) at 12pm, in a free concert.

None of the 2008 Idols are scheduled to appear (either the budget is cut back or they must be shopping for Kyle Sandilands’ wedding gift).

2007’s Natalie Gauci isn’t on the list, either. And whatever happened to Matt Corby?

The concert will hosted by Nathan & Fuzzy from Video Hits.

Let the squealing begin.


  1. Amir you are an absolute idiot.So let me get this right. The following three idol contestants are successes.

    Ricki Lee who had a few hit singles, one of which managed to gain Platinum accreditation, and her first two albums spent only four weeks in total in the Aria Top 50, with her highest position ever in the album charts #30. And she is what you term one of the few idol success stories. Axle Whitehead with one Gold accredited single and an album which failed to crack the Aria Top 50 is also one of the Idol success stories as far as you are concerned. And Jessica Mauboy with a couple of hit singles and an album disappearing with alarming speed down the Aria charts after only 3 weeks, is already a success too according to the strange logic of amir.

    Guy Sebastian has had seven singles inside the Top 15, including four in the Top 10, three of which were #1. He has produced four Top 4 albums, including the last one which is not only the highest selling Idol album released since Damien released his debut album in late 2006, but was actually the highest selling album by a male Australian artist in the last Aria year.

    The fact that Guy had Memphis soul legends singing his praises and touring as part of his backing band for his amazing Memphis Tour concerts earlier this year. So much more I could add, but what is the point.

  2. “Amir on September 23rd, 2008 10:09 am Funny that Ricki-Lee, Axle Whitehead and now Jessica Mauboy (Running Back doing really well) are basically the only successors from Idol. With the inclusion of Shannon Noll. Dean Geyer is now an actor, his album bombed.”

    I think you have confused yourself, just because those are the 3 in your face at the moment suddenly they are the only success’s. If you looked at record sales of the artists I have listed below compared to these three, you wouldn’t be making that statement.

    Look a few of the Idol’s bio’s/wesbite”s you may just be surprised what they have been doing and are doing. You need to add to that your list Guy Sebastian, Anthony Callea and Damien Leith, I see you added Shannon Noll as an afterthought. Just because they aren’t on TV in your face at the moment doesn’t mean they aren’t busy and sucessful in their careers. You can’t really make a sweeping statement like that if you aren’t fully informed.

  3. Idol is tired and old. Give us a break and stop the show for a few seasons, its going the way of BB fast. Personally Ive never watched the show, but the ads are enough to drive you crazy.

  4. Well to clear the air, BMG has been offering contracts to the Winner and Runner up of Aussie Idol nearly every season, Dicko is an EX-BMG rep (now he’s just a kind of semi celebrity dude)
    Corby didn’t knock BMG back, the label decided not to sign saying they are giving him time to mature a bit. Same thing they used to do to the old Star Search Contestants years back, they’d offer the popular singing contestants record contracts (a couple even on air) and then never do anything with them, they used to use the exact same excuse, “give em room to grow, mature”. (There’s a joke about Sony Contracts being stored on toilet rolls :P)
    They are in no ways very lucrative contracts and the albums expenses are still considerably low as the Idol Winner has to cover the losses. And with the WInners contract stating the label has last say in the song line up, they don’t really make a huge amount of royalties until the are allowed to write there own stuff, which is usually in later albums. The first years winners are still the most profatible and its been a steady decline ever since. They make more money off touring (and still even then its not a great deal of money) so they are pretty safe, but each year Idol remains on Air it just lowers the marketability (and returns) of previous years contestants.
    Corbys young, he will realize that our industry isn’t like the industries of the people who influenced him.

  5. Have to disagree with carta;s comment which i highlight..”Damien Leith and Carl Risely have both had Top 5 albums this year, so they should definitely be added to the list of successful former contestants”

    One hit does not make you a success story.After all ,Idol winners get guaranteed strong push for first album at least .I reckon looking back after say ‘Singer A won idol 3 years ago, would give you better idea.What really disappoints me (does not surprise) is..

    1/ Stories come out that ‘select top 100/50 includes folk that ‘have no intention or cant compete in top 12 as they wil be overseas etc..(just auditioning for practice )

    So why do judges/producers waster spots and deny other ‘talent/hopefuls..

    2/. The POOR singing ability of top 12-24 picked by judges – some of these folk cant sing in key, only know one style of song or only 1 song if that.

    Popularity contest seems more important than actual singing ability.Maybe if Marcia stopped gushing over every performance, Kyle stopped acting like a tool and Dicko was just right blunt and honest instead of trying to be a bit of everything – credibility might return BUT i doubt it.

    Most talent showsrely on 2 things, allowing Talent to emerge (give them a chance to shine or burn..and Judges being just that Judges, not cheerleaders or Mr Nasty.

  6. Would this show just leave us all alone now please?! Last year’s final two have already been forgotten. I mentioned their names the other day to some friends, and only one of the eight people remembered who they were. I did the opposite at work (I work in a DVD and CD retail store), asked the people in music to name the final two. Most of them either said “Who cares, the show is a joke” or couldn’t remember altogether. It’s just so past its use-by date to the point where a lot of Idol fans are bored of it.

  7. Matt Corby didn’t turn down a recording contract with BMG – he was never offered one (they felt he was too young, sat him down and had a long talk about it and he agreed).

    Damien Leith and Carl Risely have both had Top 5 albums this year, so they should definitely be added to the list of successful former contestants. Remember that Young Divas were all former Idols. I guess it depends entirely on what you define as “success” and how long this needs to be sustained (Paulini had a #1 single, so did Joel Turner and Cosima).

  8. Dicko said that Natalie’s album is coming out sometime this year or next whenever they find the right time and album for her – she’s still signed to Sony BMG Apparently

  9. Funny that Ricki-Lee, Axle Whitehead and now Jessica Mauboy (Running Back doing really well) are basically the only successors from Idol. With the inclusion of Shannon Noll. Dean Geyer is now an actor, his album bombed.
    It’s also quite sad that none of those four are the actual winners, lol.
    Matt Corby’s been touring around NSW playing in pubs etc. He turned down a record deal by Sony BMG. Sadly, I don’t think Natalie’s album will ever come out. It’s been long overdue.

  10. lol I liked the too busy to entertain us bit, busy doing what? They would be begging to sing for people! That’s there whole existence! And as for being busy, there solo singers, in Australia….. They have all the time in the world!

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