Pushing Daisies, Chuck for December

Channel Nine won’t be airing the ABC dramedy Pushing Daisies until December.

The offbeat series about a humble piemaker with the ability to bring people back from the dead with a touch of the finger, is considered too niche for primetime viewing in the ratings season.

Its airing will be ten months after Nine released the first episode on a preview DVD in News Limited newspapers.

In February, Nine dubbed the show, “2008’s Hottest New Series.”

Meanwhile, Chuck, which has recently been renewed for a full series is also pencilled in for December.


  1. Sephiroth FF: Just buy a cheap dvd player that plays DIVX, then burn the episodes to disc and watch it on the dcd player

    Chuck really seems like a show that Channel 10 should have

  2. I really want to download them (and a whole bunch of other stuff) but I want to be able to watch them on my TV and not on my computer. Until I get a PS3, I don’t think I can find a way to watch them on my TV.

  3. Dont wait for channel 9 on both shows if you really want to see them. I suggest you download them as soon as you can, as they wont be available for ever.
    I have passed pushing dasies on to a few people and they all love it. If you liked Dead Like Me and Wonderfalls, then PD is the show for you.

    I have two eps of Chuck left to watch as I only got the eps last month, it is good, but like others have said, if you have broadband and like this style show, then you would have already grabbed all the eps.

  4. I haven’t watched it yet, just started downloading the pilot, but I gather that I will like it. I did think about waiting for channel nine…only for half a second.

  5. Both excellent shows.

    Can’t believe they’ve taken so long, and I still won’t believe they’ll show them until i see them on tv. I wonder if people over estimate the effect of downloading has, or not. I love both these shows, but I know really no one else who has seen them. Chuck though would really fit more into the demographic of people who’d like it would have seen it already.

  6. I suggest people just download these shows. Why bother waiting and letting Nine profit from screwing viewers over by holding back these shows for 15 months after they aired in the US? Unless your internet connection sucks, its a good idea. Even when they air Nine will pull them after 8 episodes like they did with Moonlight, and then they won’t bother to screen the rest of them til 2010.

    Chuck will kick ass over the summer. Benno, have you watched any of it yet? What did you think of it? Good on you for checking it out. I found the first season to be one of the smartest, funnest and most enjoyable series of the last US season. I actually enjoyed it more than Heroes’ 2nd season and Prison Break’s 3rd season, which both aired at the same time as Chuck. And Heroes and PB are two of my favourite shows.

    As for PD, I watched the first 5 episodes but found the premise got rather repetitive. Its a good series for a bizarre combination of morbid humour, but its also a lot like your average police procedural with Ned poking a dead person, finding out who their killer is, and collecting the reward for the right information. Anna Friel is bonerlicious though, its worth watching the show just to see her in those low-cut dresses.

  7. Nine can go eff themselves seriously. They have been the worst network for a long time now.

    I really hope heaps of Aussies have downloaded this show.

    As for the people who suffer, suffer and watch in the summer, with the (I bet) poor timeslots and (I bet) shifting around, I really feel sorry for you.

    But in the end, Nine have fallen on their own asses. They wasted SO MUCH money on the promotion. Very good! They deserve to have wasted all that money! YES.

  8. I don’t know why Nine hasn’t taken a page out of Channel Ten’s book and showed it on their HD channel already. Ten have been pretty good to Sci-fi on Thursday nights on HD. Nine should start thinking of doing the same….

  9. I’ve been wanting to see both of these for a long time (especially Pushing Daisies) but once again, channel 9 has screwed us over. What is the point of trying to encourage people to watch Australian television when they constantly get away with crap like this.

    There’s currently no DVD release slated for the R4 region but by December, I hope both series are scheduled because I have no desire to watch these on TV.

  10. Too Late Nine, most people would of already seen Daisies via other means(including the season 1 dvd which you can get from amazon).
    Also, as you are planning on screening this over summer in the non-ratings period, that still doesn’t mean that you will air it in full, even if you screened it at 11pm at night, if it doesn’t get some decent figures, it will still be removed from your schedule.

    So why bother airing it at all? I give it 3-4 weeks before it is axed, permanently.

  11. Pushing Dasies was the best new show of the 07/08 season. Channel 9 love niche markets, just look at all their crap shows that nobody watches! Once they do begin to air this great show it will probably bashed around the schedule for the boring cricket, as for some reason the networks think that everyone in the country would rather watch sport than well written shows.

    Chuck is probably a good summer show, but it see it being more of a TEN HD show than a Nine SD.

  12. i have seen all of season 1 and it is soooo good. i love the blonde girl who works in the cafe. she was in the west wing in season 6-7 and is such a joy to watch. this is a great off beat show with a lot of laughs and also good sad bits and amazing shots. i can’t understand why 9 air it in off peak season. it could easily find a home at 9.30pm weeknights somewhere esp considering the year they have had with lack of hits due to the strike.

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